Taurus Man Waiting Game: Why He Plays the Waiting Game & How to deal With It?

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Compassionate, loyal and reliable, the Taurus man makes you go heels over head in the relationship. The Taurus men are known to be more assertive in relationships, and if they find their true partner in you, they will never let you down and will be on your side forever. But the waiting game Taurus man plays is a bit difficult to deal with and understand.

So, why do Taurus men play the waiting game? What are the various ways a Taurus man plays the waiting game? How long do they play the waiting game? And finally how to deal with it and stop his waiting game? See This sends a SHIVER up a Taurus man’s spine if he’s playing the waiting game

Why do Taurus men play the waiting game?

Taurus men are very determined and serious about their relationships (and any action they take in life). If the Taurus man finds you to be his ideal partner, then the tests begin. He wants to reaffirm his decision and decides to test you in all possible ways that help him understand you better. He might play numerous waiting games with you unless he is sure that you are showing your true self, and he can rely on you as a partner.

The waiting game they play is their intentional attempt to test you, to know how much you are ready to put in for the relationship. In a way, you could say that he is reassuring himself that he has made the right choice.

The Taurus men want to know your strength, how well you could adjust to his beliefs and life, and how good you are at decision-making. Some Taurus men even monitor your spending habits to know how well you can handle financial situations. Thus he keeps playing the waiting game until he gets an idea of everything he wants to know. If the Taurus man finds a potential partner in you, his immediate priority will be to settle down and gain you no matter what.

In simple terms, the waiting games of a Taurus man are a part of his psychological strategy to know that you are on the same side of the coin. See Why do Taurus men play the waiting game & The Simple Mind ‘TRICK’ that makes him obsess over you FAST

How does a Taurus man play the waiting game in various aspects?

Taurus men’s waiting game is numerous. He guards his feelings aggressively. If you pass his test, he will give you the liberty to hurt him, and he will call you his own. He might even come up with games that leave you surprised. The Taurus men are very realistic regarding their outlook on life. They don’t like to live in fantasies. All they want from the relationship is loyalty, trustworthiness, and your long and unfaded support, always and anywhere.

Here are some of the ways Taurus men play the waiting game in dating/relationships..

How does a Taurus man play the waiting game?

Waiting game to reveal his feelings: A Taurus man guards his feelings and does not let you know his emotions until he is sure of your character and behaviour. Thus he keeps on playing the waiting game and waits forever to reveal the true feelings he has for you inside his heart.

Makes you wait to test your Tolerance: He might make you wait too long or cancel on you at the last moment, do not panic or get annoyed; it is all part of his plan to know if you would leave him on that. But believe me, girl, once he gets the assurance that you are reliable and loyal to the relationship, he will guard you and support you in all ways possible.

Waiting game to test your Loyalty: The Taurus man goes to any extent and will wait as long as he can just to confirm that you are loyal to him. Yes, he keeps on playing the waiting game until he is sure that you are looking for a strong relationship with him. The intention is simply because of the Taurus character’s sensitive traits. Ultimately, it’s about his feelings, that he does not want to end up hurt.

Waiting game to commit: Why do Taurus men take so long to commit? As already said, a Taurus man doesn’t act unless he is sure of something. The same case applies to romantic relationships in his life. Even if he loves you so much, even if he is sure that you too are interested in him, he won’t commit soon and keeps playing the waiting game. See The Mirror Technique that will make a Taurus man commit to you FAST.

What do they want?

Well! If you ask what a Taurus man wants with the waiting games, it’s nothing but the reassurance that his decision to choose you as a partner is right. The Taurus men are loyal, highly committed, and reliable. They are also very self-centered, want to ace in everything, and cannot afford to make a wrong decision in their life.

The mind games and waiting games they play help them judge you as a person. The games help Taurus man to know your strengths and how good you are at handling situations. They might even put you under pressure to see how tolerant you are.

Being in a relationship with a Taurus man can be easy if you can understand his character and tricks well. Taurus men do not like being controlled. Instead, they like to steer the relationship the way they like it. The waiting game is their best tool to help him test your loyalty.

A Taurus man will be very subtle about his feelings. However, he may fall in love if he begins to spend time with you and observe you. If he makes frequent phone calls and outings to spend time with you, it’s a good sign that he’s starting to love you. Then, he begins his waiting game to understand your intentions and judge you. Taurus men will always allow you to react to their actions before they get along with you.

Taurus Man Waiting game: How to deal with this and stop it?

Taurus Man Waiting game: How to deal with this and stop it?

Taurean man is known for his passion for life and commitment to his goals. This individual is known for being very sensible and one of the most practical people around. Knowing these characteristics will help you cope with the waiting game they play.

Also, understanding Taurus men’s deeper emotional level is the key to finding a way to get past the first factor that causes them to behave this way.

Taurean men are, in some ways, simple to please and all you must do is convince them of your compatibility..

  1. Confess your love to him:

Taurus men require certainty before beginning to make more audacious gestures. They might play the waiting game until they know where you stand since they are bashful and fear rejection.

Although it can be intimidating, making the first approach is crucial. Men in Taurus are not attracted to behaviour they see as being forceful or desperate. Instead, be straightforward and truthful so that he understands your message and feels more at ease pursuing you.

  1. Consider his goals and desires:

If you want to maintain a genuine relationship with a Taurus man, ensure that your opinions consider and value his goals and desires. He will likely ask questions to see if you remain true to yourself.

It might seem offensive or stressful, but deal with it properly, be who you are. In the long run, he will learn to value you more and appreciate your honesty.

  1. Let Him Chase You:

Taurus males crave things they believe to be out of reach. Playing a little hard to get will make him desperate for your affection and attention, which will drive him crazy in the greatest way. Thus it gives the taurus man the necessary push to break his silence and put an end to his waiting games.

So keep yourself somewhat elusive and refrain from being overly accessible. Also, try to fight the impulse to contact him back right away. Thus he’ll be desperate to find out who or what is distracting you from him.

  1. Give Some Complements:

Pay him genuine, meaningful comments that communicate what you find appealing about him. Taurus men are honest to a fault and very skilled at feeling when other people aren’t. This is a terrific method to reassure him that you feel the same way about him and inspire him to end the waiting game more quickly.

  1. Keep The Contact Work:

Sending him a text now and then will ensure that you are still expressing your interest in him. It doesn’t have to be a long, sentimental text; a quick, lovely note would do. Just a quick note to let him know you are thinking about him and haven’t forgotten about him.

Also after spending time together, it is very vital to text him how you felt. Else, he’ll assume you didn’t have fun if you don’t text him after a fun date.

  1. Loyalty is Important:

Whether in a friendship, business collaboration, or love connection, a Taurus man places the biggest value on loyalty.

Being accused of being anything less than absolutely committed, drives him insane since he is an utterly loyal friend and lover. Thus the more loyal you are, the more is the possibility that the Taurus man puts an end to his waiting game.

How long will a Taurus man play the waiting game?

The Taurus man’s waiting game will continue until he gets clarified that you are genuinely into him and that you will fight for him no matter what. Just as he is loyal, reliable, and truly committed, the Taurus men want his partner to reciprocate the same.

Whatever you do, it won’t work if you try to push him to end his waiting game. Furthermore, you must be honest with him and abstain from tricking him. For example, if you were considering making him jealous, don’t. You might find it a bit overly possessive, but once he decides to continue the relationship, he will be your strongest support. He will stop testing and start revealing his true feelings for you.

Taurus men are known to be very selective when choosing a partner, and if he feels you are not the right one for him, he might end up just being friends.


Taurus men dislike feeling like a backup plan for someone. Thus Taurus men who are trying to build a strong relationship with someone else always use waiting games to assure themselves that they have made the right decision.

His deliberate pace may frustrate you, but attempting to stir things up with drama will not succeed. A bull that believes he is being tricked will display his wrath before bolting from the area. Instead, tell him everything on your mind and be honest about your intentions.

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