Do Soul ties Affect Men? Will a Guy ever feel a Soul tie with a Woman?

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We often hear women, from the time they are young girls, talk about dreams of meeting their ‘soul mate’ and living happily ever after, tied to their perfect mate in wedded bliss.

However, we don’t hear little boys wondering about soul ties or men announcing they’ve found their soul mate, do we?

Yet, little boys grow up to be men who propose marriage, professing their love to one woman, a woman who likely feels that he is her soulmate, but does he feel a soul-tie to her or believe they are soulmates?

Do soul ties affect men actually? Good question…

Firstly, What are soul ties?

Do soul ties affect men?

Soul ties are the deep spiritual connections some people feel toward another that makes them feel complete and as one with another human being.

The feeling can be so deep that one feels as though they cannot live without the other. When they have found the person they share a soul tie with, they feel an intense connection, think about them all the time and can’t be separated from them. Some people even feel they are destined to be with their soul mate, and must live with them no matter what.

So, where does the concept come from?

Soul-ties are believed to have religious origins that evolved from the teachings of God about the joining together of man and woman into one flesh. That when a man and a woman join together in sex they become one, tied to one another on a deep, spiritual level. Even religious teachings about marriage refer to being ‘tied’ to each other forever.  

Greek mythology also contributed to the modern concept of finding your perfect mate, a pre-destined match with your ideal partner, that can be seen in Zeus’ handling of the arrogance of humans. Humans had four arms and four legs, with two faces and two sets of genitalia. Zeus cut them in half, dooming them to search for their other half for eternity. Here you can see where the idea about needing another person to feel whole came from, or even the intensity of soul ties, because if you have lost half of your self, you will feel alone, isolated and empty. The need would be great, like a craving that you can’t satisfy, in the quest to find the soul you are tied to.

Over time, a belief in a deep, spiritual connection has developed into the concept of soul ties; that there is a mate out there for everyone, the one person who truly completes the other and makes them whole.

The Big Question: Do soul ties affect Men? Do men actually believe in soul ties?

soul ties in men. Do men actually believe in soul ties?

Research indicates that, yes, men do believe in soul ties.

One Marist survey found that 73% of Americans believe that they will find their one true love. When broken down by gender, the results surprisingly show that 74% of men and 71% of women believe in soul ties. So it appears that men do believe in soul ties.

Well, why aren’t they shouting it to the rooftops then? Do they feel it differently, or is their belief different?

What are men looking for in soul ties?

Men do report that they believe in soul ties, but what are they looking for in soul ties? Men tend to look at each woman they encounter as potential soul ties, seeing if she measures up to their ideal.

For example, when dating a woman they like, men are likely to see her as a potential soul mate until proven otherwise. In other words, if a woman meets their criteria for an ideal mate, men are likely to identify her as an ideal mate.

Do women look for soul ties in the same way as men?

Women report a belief in soul ties as well, but are they looking for the same thing? Often, you hear women talk about being swept off their feet when meeting their soul tie, or other descriptors include feeling breathless or as if they can’t catch their breath.

Apparently, women approach looking for an ideal mate slightly differently than men. For example, there appears to be a more emotional experience attached, for women. Women also refer to knowing when they have found the right mate, and it seems to happen immediately and with an overwhelming sense of connectedness to the other.

Men and women differ on their definition and experience of soul ties:

The difference between men and women regarding soul ties appears to be around how they approach finding that mate. Men are more cognitive about it, systematically looking for the person who fits them, almost like a check-list. Whereas, women approach love from a more emotional place, feeling when it is right rather than thinking it is right.

So…yes, men are more than capable of feeling soul ties, but the way they approach it is more calculated and controlled than women. Likely, this is the reason we don’t hear about men finding their soul ties.

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