10 Unspoken Side Dude Rules For Being A Perfect Side Guy

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Cheating should not be encouraged, although it is identified as an unhappy fact of life. People do these things, have been cheated on, and are frequently caught cheating. As a result, the game’s purpose is to make amends for your mistakes and become a better jump-off.

If you are the side guy or side dude, the worst thing that could ever happen is when you and your lover gets caught by the main man. So do her a favour and avoid the drama of getting caught. Yes, keeping your lover in good standing with her main squeeze will make your life easier, so why not make it easier for you and her?

So, there are some important rules or, you can say, some important side dude rules for being the perfect side guy. These rules will, however, be able to sort out your relationship with your lover if you follow them.

See, if you choose to walk an adulterous path, you must be smart about it. It is most important that you stay in your pocket. So follow these rules, and you may be able to turn yourself from being a side piece to a centerpiece! Furthermore, you can always date someone single if you cannot follow these rules. See The Direction Approach to become the main guy to every woman.

10 Side Dude Rules You Need To Know And Follow as a Side guy

In order to maintain a harmonious relationship between her, her man, and you, every side dude should know and follow these rules.

1. Make Sure You Don’t Fall

Side dudes are mostly side dudes all the time. On the other hand, being in love with your woman will destroy your good bond since this relationship is based on having casual sex with no long-term commitment.

Friends with benefits, or “Best Friends” type of setup, is common among all-sided dudes. Falling in love with your woman will create unrealistic expectations and problems in your connection. Perhaps your woman does not want all this and will take a break or do things apart from you.

2. Understand Your Position

Maintaining your limits when you are a sided person is very important. Your woman will not be available all the time with you, even when you are having office stress or anything. You just have a glass of beer or must hang out with friends to handle your stress.

Also, she will not be there for Valentine’s or any special dates. She won’t be dressed for you and make you her prince charming. In other words, she is only with you when she doesn’t need to be elsewhere. So, don’t have any unrealistic scenarios in your mind. See This sends a SHIVER up a woman’s spine if she isn’t treating you like a priority anymore

3. Never Stalk Her

The main rule of being a side dude is never to stalk her. If you want to manage your things smoothly, then remove this thought from your mind. One more important thing you should not do is never stalk her main.

The best thing to do is not to ask your woman where she is if she doesn’t want you to know. She will definitely let you know what she is up to if she wants you to know. If you want to be a nice side dude, then this is one of the most important rules you should follow.

4. Never leave the evidence

Safety is a very important factor, no matter where the two of you might spend time, but make sure not to leave any evidence. Suppose you have a good time in her car, then make sure your things will not be there, or anything that the main man will trace back to you.

Don’t give a chance to her man to figure out something fishy and put you both in trouble. Even these things can lead to a breakup or complication between you.

5. Say No To Social Media

Since the world is small, and you are the sided guy, social media is not your partner. Never tag her on social media platforms and post pictures together. This factor will ruin all things and put you in trouble.

Try not to friend your woman’s significant other or gossip about their business when you have only a few degrees of separation. It will be best if you put your digital footprints down as much as you can, otherwise, things will spoil. Make sure there will be no fake accounts to stalk her or her man.

6. Never worry about the main man

If you think she will come and share her problem with you, the answer is a big NO. Don’t expect her to come and talk about her man issues or her married life issues. You are not her counsellor, and neither are you her friend.

The essential consideration for the side guy is to keep in mind that it is not your business. Moreover, in the same manner, never ask her about her main man or try to avoid mentioning his name in a conversation. If you become too engaged, your conscience may take over.

7. Understand to go with the flow

The major thing you should always keep in your mind being the side guy is to always go with the flow. You should always be ready to face the changes in your plans.

Don’t take it personally if you told her you wanted to take her out to dinner and even bought a brand-new outfit for the occasion, but she suddenly canceled. Don’t make a scene or take it personally. You are not her priority, so don’t make changes in your mood according to her actions.

8. Be free to date other ones

Don’t rely on her completely; she will not be yours forever. Please don’t be foolish and get too attached or fall for her. Be practical because it is all just casual. She is already someone’s partner, which is publicly known. Never make fairy tale dreams with her and set plans for the future.

You can easily make plans with other ones, or even you can use tinder. Also, you love to swipe it, right? HA HA HA… just kidding. In simple words, you are free to enjoy yourself with other women. There is no commitment in this bond, so don’t feel restricted and put restrictions on her.

9. Understand the risks

This relationship revolves around three lives, it’s not about you or her, it’s about you, her, and her main man. You are a side guy; being a side dude, you should know what is in your pocket and what’s at risk.

Moreover, being a side guy, you can ruin a family or relationship if her main man catches you. And this can give you a very bad hit, so always make your plan accordingly. You need to be very smart and think about things very carefully.

If you are seeing her and her man outside, ignore it, don’t try to be friendly or do some gestures. This can raise a problem situation between her and her man.

10. Be secretive

Being secretive is also one of the main side-dude rules you should know and follow. Yes, don’t show off your bond with her to others. Just be secretive and enjoy your moments and spend time. As a side guy, you need to keep your things low. You have to be smart and manage all the things. If you are planning to meet her, let the place be secretive and safe for you.

Most importantly, always avoid those places common with your mutual friends or where her main man can catch you. One more thing, don’t share this relationship thing with any of your friends. It wouldn’t be safe for both of you. Not even with your best friends; don’t save any photos on your laptops or pads. You have to play the role of the secretive person.

These are some of the best rules every side guy follows and knows about. So, her main man will not pull your hair ha ha, ha…… Just kidding. Hope you have a good time with her and keep these points in mind.

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