How To Respond To A Dumper Who Wished Me Happy Birthday?

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A separation can be emotionally draining, and you might feel like everything is crumbling around you. It’s challenging to go through a terrible separation. It would not be easy to cover the separation road so quickly. Furthermore, it takes patience, effort, feelings, and a lot of what someone did in your life to break your heart.

Getting a message from your dumper ex can be upsetting and sometimes result in a confused mood because it takes time for a split to heal. Their texts might make you feel stuck in the past and trigger unpleasant memories, which can upset your heart while you work on healing.

You may wonder why your ex, who dumped you conveniently, is texting birthday wishes again. Why would he/she message you out of the blue? What does it mean? And, How do you respond to a dumper who wished you happy birthday? Finally, what to do, and how to reply if they do so months or years after the breakup? Let us see..

Why would a dumper wish you ‘Happy birthday” out of the blue?

dumper wished me happy birthday

Getting a birthday wish from the dumper is quite surprising, and also it will crash your mind. But, the question comes to mind: why did your ex text you? What are their intentions?

Well, to be honest, you will rarely know why they were re-entering your life or reaching out to you. The smartest way you can do this is to take some time to consider your best course of action. So, here you can check some reasons for getting a birthday wish text from your dumper ex.

Dumper felt remorse for their improper actions: Sending a birthday message may be the easiest way to get you back if he/she just dumped you without any reason. Mostly, the dumper makes this fake scenario that they are very guilty of their action. The purpose of sending a birthday greeting is they want to show you some fake beliefs and get you back again. So, by sending the wishes, they want you to show “I want your happiness and enjoy your day.” As a result, you recall your old happy memories and spoil your day.

If it’s a recent breakup: Sometimes getting a happy birthday from your ex doesn’t mean anything much, if he/she just dumped you recently. Simply a birthday reminder might have appeared on their social media channels, and they wished you politely. There were no emotions involved. Remember that.

Dumper is too curious about your life: After a breakup, the dumper might get very curious about your life. Are you having fun in your life? Are you enjoying it? Thus, they just want to throw wishes on your birthday and know what’s going on in your life. And sometimes they want to check on you, whether you moved on or not.

Just to show off fake concern: They’re trying to press your buttons by reminding you that even though you two are no longer together, they still remember your birthday and the painful memories from the past. It’s a simple way to hurt you and ruin your happy day. There is also a chance that your dumper is texting you just to show your response to his/her friends and give them the impression that you are still after them even after dumping.

Backup Plan: Maybe they didn’t get a new partner to fulfill their needs after dumping you. Or maybe they have their backup plan and just want to make you emotional on your day by sending romantic and emotional greetings. Don’t be a fool, ignore the message and enjoy your day with your loved ones.

Jealousy: If you’ve been successfully able to move on and have even found a new relationship, your dumper ex can still get envious. Your ex would not want you to advance more quickly than them, mainly if they are the one who dumped you at their convenience. In such a scenario too, the dumper would keep texting you on your birthday to make you freaking mad or create some issues in your present happy relationship.

Apart from these, there are many more reasons why your dumper ex texted you. But wait a sec, did you realise it’s all about them, not a single thing about you? Yes, the dumper just wants to hurt you or make you mad at your birthday.

So whatever maybe the reason, you don’t want to reopen scars that have already closed if your breakup was severe or brutal. Else, the energy of the split may return to your life as a result of connecting with your dumper ex, triggering you and making you think of them again. So, what to do now?

How to Respond to a Dumper who wished you Happy Birthday?

How To Respond To A Dumper Who Wished Me Happy Birthday?

Imagine that your birthday is being celebrated in style. You guys are dancing and drinking your favourite wine with your close buddies. You’re about to open the birthday presents when your phone alerts you to something. Which is that? To your shock, it turns out to be your ex, who dumped you brutally. So, what should you do right now? Will you let your dumper’s one birthday wish destroy your mood or serve as the trigger for all your negative experiences with them?

It’s a resounding “No”! It is your special day, and nobody from the past (especially the ones who dumped you) should ever be able to destroy it. We know you are hurt, but remember the importance of maintaining your dignity, especially your mental well-being.

If you choose to reply out of goodwill, keep it simple with a “thank you,” just like you would reply when someone posts on your Facebook page. However, the best reaction to such texts is to say nothing at all. Yes, never fall into your ex’s trap. Your hands now hold the reins. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

Also, some egotistical people may send Happy Birthday messages just to irk you. Please don’t fall for your dumper’s trap; they’re merely playing with your emotions once more. Just ignore them and go about your day like an intelligent person. Although it can be challenging, doing so is necessary to live a happy life.

We agree that handling such a circumstance isn’t easy, but keep in mind that one factor is your self-respect. You may have a lot of thoughts, but today is your day. Will you allow your ex’s one birthday wish to ruin your day? The response is a loud “NO.” Don’t ever let your dumper spoil your birthday bash.

When a Dumper wishes you Happy birthday at midnight: What should you not do?

ex wished me happy birthday

After a breakup, we understand that it’s challenging to control your feelings, especially after receiving the message of someone whom you loved deeply in the past. But as already said, simply ignoring the text or not responding is the best way not to spoil your mood on your birthday.

It’s very normal that after seeing the message, you might recall all the best memories of your relationship. However, it is important to remember that if they genuinely love you, they will not dump you and let you down.

Thus, if you decided not to communicate with the dumper, there are some things you really must not do. Because doing so will cause harm and ruin your birthday.

  1. Don’t respond angrily to your ex: Anger can lead to new problems you don’t want. You must thus make an effort to not respond angrily to their texts, even if they bother you.
  2. Don’t take impulsive actions: You must avoid falling into your dumper’s trap because he/she is already around to watch your response and toy with your emotions once more. Thus, you should steer clear of it if they try to call you or use video calling after you respond to them out of politeness. Yes, although you can be impulsive and vulnerable, you must control your impulses.
  3. Avoid conflict with your ex: Your ex’s only goal may be to annoy you or sour your birthday. Therefore, if you skip your birthday celebration to focus on your argument with your ex, you give them the things they want. Therefore, your only option is ignoring.
  4. Don’t text when drunk: You should be at a party because it is your birthday tonight. There is a probability that you will answer your texts when inebriated. Texts sent after drinking can be wildly inappropriate and contain purposefully offensive language. Therefore, try to avoid sending drunken texts to your dumper.

Remember, the ball is in your court. How you live your life is entirely up to you. Are you willing to let your dumper back into your life again? Your choice; how you respond to this will depend on what happens next. Be a strong person, else become one by simply ignoring their birthday wishes now. Always keep in mind that a dumper is a dumper. Have fun with your loved ones and family on your birthday, and create beautiful memories.

Don’t give another chance to allow them to hurt you or make you cry. Take a stand for yourself and understand their mindset. If they genuinely love you, they will never dump you in the first place. But the truth? You know that better than us. So, it’s all up to you now, on how to respond to your dumper who wished you a happy birthday.

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