How Many Days Is Ghosting? How Long After No Contact Is Considered Ghosting?

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One of the worst feelings in the world is what you get after being ghosted. If you are a person who has been ghosted in the past by someone, you will be able to relate to the irritation, the agony, and the anticipation of a text or a call from your partner.

The textbook definition says that it is when someone suddenly stops contacting a person and cuts off all ties with them. But, before it all gets to cutting off all the ties, you can easily make out that the person is on the way to ghost you soon. It all starts with those one-word replies to your essay-like texts. That is kind of an early sign that you are about to be ghosted. It always leaves you in a question, whether the person you are dating is actually ghosting you, or is genuinely busy? For how many days of no contact or no text is considered as ghosting? After how long do you consider yourself ghosted? How long without communication is considered ghosting?

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How Many Days is actually Ghosting?

Ghosting is basically something you feel from your gut and not by counting the number of days the person has not texted you. Sometimes there can be some genuine reason for them not texting you, so do not be impatient to judge the person and declare already that they are ghosting you.

Ghosting can have different conditions in different situations. It is different if we are talking about a new friend you made, and it is way too different if we are considering a well-established relationship. Let’s look into the different aspects in detail.

Considering a Relationship:

It does not sound good or even feel good when you hear that someone is being ghosted, you feel bad for the person. If this thing happens in a relationship, it starts getting complicated. Most of the time, a couple in a relationship talk throughout the day, share whereabouts with each other, and sometimes even text for no reason at all. Normally, if you are texting your partner, they reply within minutes or max to max a few hours. But the tension starts to build up when you haven’t got a text from your partner throughout the day. You start to think of the probable reasons, and positively think of a reason that they might be busy with some work. But if they aren’t texting you for more than 2 and a half or 3 days, the ship has sailed the routes of ghosting. In very few cases, you might even see them active on their social media, but there won’t be any notification of theirs on your phone. This is when it starts getting evident that the person is trying to avoid you or is ghosting you.

Sometimes you can make it out from the frequency of the chatting that happens between you and your partner. Earlier you used to talk for hours, and now a one-word reply to your messages might seem fishy. So, in a relationship, a 3-day gap or a maximum of weeks’ gap can be considered as ghosting. After that, it is not even sensible to think that they might be stuck in some important work, because it doesn’t take more than a minute to text.

Considering a Friend or a Person you are Dating with:

The whole outlook changes when it comes to a new friend or a friend that you have been talking to, recently. It basically depends on the comfort level of the person with you. If your friends do not feel comfortable talking to you, or maybe they are not interested, it gets evident once they give vague reasons to avoid you. Maybe you guys text each other every day or maybe once in two days, the frequency of the texts doesn’t matter in this situation. If it’s a new person, you don’t know how much time the person requires replying to a text, and neither do you know if they are really busy. You should give them at least a week’s time before considering yourself ghosted. It might be possible that they are taking some time to reply, or maybe that’s the way they are with new people. As earlier said, it depends on the comfort level of your friend, they might have a reason not to text you but are too shy or insecure to share it. It is not sensible on your part to expect a rapid reply from a new friend. But, a time of one week or a maximum of 10 days is enough for them to reply. If not, you can consider that they are not interested in talking and are ghosting you. See The Mirror Technique to make him skip all the games and make him crawl back to you FAST.

The case is similar in a newly bound dating partner. New couples do share things and talk frequently, but there might be things that the person wants to keep aside from the relationship, because of which they might not be able to text you. Give them a time of at least 4-5 days before considering the option of being ghosted. But if your new partner is not replying to you even after 4-5 days, it is conclusive that they are thinking the relationship is not going to work, and saying goodbye is not in their dictionary!


A long silence could not always mean ghosting. Sometimes there might be a valid reason from them for ghosting you, and even if you have considered yourself as ghosted, there is nothing wrong in changing your mind. It is something that hurts the most. You are waiting for the reply of a person you find interesting, and on the other hand, the person is thinking of a reason they might use later to justify the silence, it’s hurtful! It doesn’t take much to be honest and end a relationship or a friendship rather than ghosting. Probably everyone would be comparatively satisfied to know that the relationship or the friendship is over, rather than waiting for a text that will never be received by your end!


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