Everything you need to know about Christina Piercing (Venus Piercing)

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While body piercing is a taboo in some cultures, it is encouraged and deemed beautiful in some other countries

As it is globally acceptable, women all over the world are encouraged to pierce their ear lobes. Even men apply ear-piercing in one or two ear lobes. But what about vaginal piercing?

Vaginal piercing is woman’s another caliber of beauty preference. Although private part piercing is attractive to some people (as it adds value and magnificence) at times it can be quite controversial too.

Today in this article, I’m going to discuss one that particular type of vaginal piercing. Yes, I’m talking about the Christina piercing also commonly called the venus piercing.

So, Here is everything you need to know about Christina Piercing, because beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Firstly, What is Christina Piercing (Venus Piercing)?

Although there are various kinds of genital piercings, the one which became popular in recent times is the Christina piercing.

christina venus piercing procedure and pain experience

Image:Lamilli via Wikimedia Commons cc3.0

Even though the beginning of female genital piercing is not known, the Christina Piercing, however, is believed to have started in the year 1990s. It was called Christina piercing after the first recipient named Christina. (And even Christina Aguilera herself has it). Also less often known as “Venus Piercing”, because of the anatomical location in the Mons Venus, right above the clitor*s.

The Truth: Is it for every woman?

Although many piercings are suitable for all, some of them may not suit everyone. The Christina piercing is of the second kind.

Yes, the female organ has different shapes and sizes and not all can be accommodated to Christina Piercing. As it hangs on the pubic mound or the surface skin above the genital area, some women have longer and wider space (above the clitor*s) while others don’t.

So, if you are deciding to go on with the Christina piercing, the first thing you need to find out is, whether it is suitable for you or not. It’s best to ask a professional piercer to take a look and ask for advice before having one.

The Procedure of Christina Piercing: What does it look like and the materials used? 

Having a Christina Piercing can be pretty much compared to a pierced belly button. This is because both of them has the same vertical insertion and even the materials used on the belly button looks the same.

During the piercing, the surface skin of the vagi*a is pierced vertically with a gauge 10 to 14 size barbells. On the other hand, a gem ball is placed on either side to prevent from sliding off. Generally, the bigger ball (where you can put a stud) is on the top so it can be easily seen.

christina piercing barbells

Image: Lamilli via Wikimedia Commons cc3.0

Christina barbells can be commonly an L shaped bar, a curve bar, and a straight bar, depending on your preference. Usually made from stainless steel, acrylic, titanium, and even gold. The best shape and the best materials should be recommended by a professional to prevent certain reactions of your skin in the future.

Pros: What can you get from Christina Piercing?

Aesthetic purposes: Admit it, it looks cute and classy having a shiny thing in your most sensitive area. It would make your private part look more appealing and sexy.

Emotional contentment: You look good, you feel good. Even if it’s not visible to people, feeling beautiful helps you a lot. It’s a subjective claim and others may not feel the same way.

Cons: What is the cost of having one?

Pain: Remember, they are pushing a barbell in the surface skin of your vagi*a, of course, it will hurt! On a positive side, the pain only lasts a couple of seconds, mainly because of the adrenaline rush and the targeted thick skin above the clitor*s.

No function: Let’s face it, the piercing doesn’t have any use at all, and it can even be annoying to your female area. The piercing is simply for decorative purposes only.

Costly: The price of the piercing ranges from $75-$150 depending on the professional practitioner and the jewelry. So if you are really certain about having one, be 110% sure that you will keep it. Otherwise, it’s like throwing money out the window.

One Christina Piercing Aftercare Measure you must definitely follow –

christina piercing pain level and after care

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

Don’t touch it:

It might be tempting to play with it, especially altering the jewelry of the piercing, but it is important to avoid contact as much as possible. It means no to having sex (or any form of it), no to swimming pools/hot baths and no to applying pressure during the first few months. The genital piercing will be very sensitive and avoiding touching at all cost would help quicken the healing process. Yes, this also includes sleeping on your stomach.

Finally, Is Christina piercing really worth it?

So how shall we end this? We are left with the question, is it really worth it? Can we say that the value of increased self-image in the Christina Piercing supersedes the risks of having one?

Nonetheless, no one is stopping you from the experience of having a Christian Piercing (except maybe your own genital anatomy).

Everything you need to know about Christina Piercing (Venus Piercing)

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