Everything you need to know about Ashley piercing | Inverse vertical Labret

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You’ve probably seen a lot of Instagram posts and YouTube videos where guys and girls were rocking Ashley piercing. So you loved them, and now you want one too.

But before you schedule an appointment to get it done, you need to first learn what this Ashley piercings actually is. Thus, only when you know how it’s done, its pain level, its pros & cons, you will be able to firmly decide whether it’s something suitable for you or not.

So, let’s start then.

First of all, What is Ashley piercing (Inverse vertical Labret)?

The popular Ashley piercing is also called an inverse vertical labret piercing. The piercing is made featuring two exits, with one being in the lower area of the lip and a second one being in the mouth. The piercing itself will be located in the middle of your lip once the procedure has been done.

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As one of the hottest piercing trends lately, we see it on social media posts quite often, but it’s still not as common as other types of piercing. In fact, Ashley piercing is a relatively rare variation of the well-known vertical labret piercing.

Why is it called an Ashley piercing?

There are a number of theories as to the origin of its name. Some say it could be named after the first person to have gotten an inverse vertical labret while others are of the opinion that it could have been named by the piercer who first performed the piercing in the center of the lower lip.

A lady named Ashley Bertucci claims that the piercing is named after her. According to her, her boyfriend, a famous piercer and a member of the APP, suggested the name at their convention and it gained popularity from there on. Whatever the source may be, Ashley piercing has riled up a storm in the piercing world and is definitely here to stay

Inverse vertical Labret Procedure: How is it actually done?

The piercing is rather simple and follows the same principles of other piercings that have been done for many decades.

But unlike other lip piercings, Ashley piercing process may take quite some time. This is because any incorrect placement of the Ashley piercing could lead to problems with lip and its regular movement. Thus a professional need to be hired to do this kind of piercing; just to avoid any potential complications.

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Initially, the location (where the piercing will be made) should be sterilized, along with the tools that are used for piercing. Using the surgical pen, the piercer marks the spot where your lips will be pierced. Then, he or she uses a clamp to fix the lip and a 14 or 16 gauge needle to perforate it from the outside to the inside.

In most cases, jewelry is modified and purchased by wearers because they usually want to have a flat disc or dome on their lips rather than an actual gauge, (which also explains why 14 or 16 gauge is used for this purpose). Once the lip is pierced, the piercer finally places a small and tiny piece of jewelry.

That’s it! Although quick and easy, Ashley piercing is still in the early stages where it is being perfected and standardized. That’s why many piercers have never performed one.

This is important to remember because if you want to get Ashley piercing, you need to make sure the piercer knows what they’re doing. Once everything’s complete, the piercer will give you precise instructions on how to take care of it.

Ashley piercing Pain: Does it actually hurt?

What all people want to know before they get something pierced is whether it hurts or not. If you can’t tolerate the pain, that well, maybe Ashley piercing isn’t such a good idea. While the whole process takes only a few minutes, it can be quite painful.

The Ashley piercing goes through the lip vertically, at an angle that includes both front and back part of the lip. Thus, the piercing generally goes through lots and lots of lip tissue, which is why Ashley piercing is not among those piercings that are relatively painless.

Although Ashley piercing is generally considered to be somewhat painful, it is not the most painful piercing out there. On an average, people have rated the piercing to be three out of five on a scale of pain, but again – this really depends on how well the individual is able to tolerate pain.

Aftercare and healing:

  • Clothing, fingers, cell phones, makeup, and other beauty products: we have many objects that touch our faces on a daily basis. These all need to be clean when they do come into contact with your face. 
  • Must Avoid going to places where you might be exposed to pathogens: A public pool is an excellent example. There are hundreds of people swimming here every day, so there is no saying in the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that may be lurking in the water.
  • Keep a watch on what you use: While it is important to keep your face clean and free of bacteria when you have just had an Ashley piercing done, be wary of the products you use in the specific area where the piercing was made.

Wait at least a few days – or perhaps a week or two – before you decide that it is time to clean the piercing or change it form something funkier.

So, Should You Get an Ashley Piercing?

ashley piercing pain and healing time

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

Just because a type of piercing gains popularity doesn’t mean it is the right fit for you. There are a number of factors you’d need to consider before making up your mind about getting an Ashley piercing.

The fact that it is considered one of the most painful piercings, is enough to convince you to reconsider. Additionally, here are a number pros, and cons you should bear in mind before heading off to your go-to piercer

Pros of Ashley piercing

• Looks great
• It’s trendy
• Fashionable
• Easy to combine with other facial piercings

Cons of Ashley piercing

• Painful
• Not easy to find jewelry for this piercing
• Piercer must choose the right spot in order to avoid disturbing lip
• The dark scar remains after you take out the piercing; while girls can cover it with lipstick it can be tricky for guys


Ashley piercings have become trendy lately, but there are some concerns of which you need to be aware before making a decision. Besides their beauty, these piercings can damage lip tissues if they’re not inserted properly. So, always make sure you’re getting your piercings from professionals who have already done it.

Even though the procedure, might sound too daunting with a major commitment, but Ashley piercing is one that thousands of fashion savvies have gladly committed to without any regrets.

Everything you need to know about Ashley piercing | Inverse vertical Labret

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