Was Bambi on Flavor of Love? Clearing the Air on Her Participation

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When you hear the name “Bambi”, you might immediately think of the poor young deer whose mother was killed by a hunter. Yet, there’s another Bambi in the room today – and she now calls herself Bambi Benson. Apart from this name, she’s also had several other stage names, including Adizon Benson.

One common question that has confused the internet is whether or not Bambi was on the show, ‘Flavor of Love’. So, was Bambi on Flavor of Love? If so, What season of Flavor of Love was Bambi on? If not, What love show was Bambi on? Why is there a lot of confusion regarding her participation in the show? That’s what we’re going to find out in this post..

Firstly, Who is Bambi (Aka) Bambi Benson (Aka) Adi Benson?

Let’s start with who Bambi is. Now, if you’ve seen her on television shows or films, then you might recognize this star by a different name. You might know her as any of the following stage names and aliases:

  • Bambi Compton Breed
  • Adizia Benson
  • Adizon Benson
  • Adi Benson

But, who is Bambi? And how did she catch the attention of fans? It really starts with a show called Love & Hip Hop. Bambi Benson, as she is now known, started out as an urban model. She’s also known as a beauty entrepreneur and has even delved into the world of rapping.

Prior to making a name for herself on Love & Hip Hop, however, Bambi was spotted in Basketball Wives LA. She had a supporting role in the show, but it still helped her land a bigger part in future reality television shows.

During her time with Love & Hip Hop, Bambi has also appeared in two special episodes of the show. This includes the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live! spin-off, as well as The Wedding special.

Adi Bambi Benson in Flavor of Love: The Big Confusion

Image – Wikiims | love-hip-hop.fandom

When you take a closer look at information about Bambi on the internet, one common discussion that comes up is her participation in Flavor of Love. This is yet another reality TV show that actually started long before Love & Hip Hop. Many believe that Bambi was actually featured on the show, yet others state that she was not part of it.

This has brought on a lot of confusion among fans, who are now unsure about whether or not she was on Flavor of Love.

A forum post on Lipstick Alley focused on this question, and users quickly started to reply, stating that she was not on the show. One comment mentioned that, even though a significant number of people believe she was on Flavor of Love, they often cannot tell you on which episode.

Yet, if we turn to some publications, such as a 2022 post published in Reality Titbit, we once again see mentions of Bambi regarding the show Flavor of Love. The post touches on various topics surrounding Bambi’s career and highlights the success that she has been able to achieve. Then, when sharing facts about Bambi, they mention that she was actually on Flavor of Love before she appeared on Love and Hip Hop. According to this particular publication, Bambi was cast on the very first season of the show, and, they also state that Flavor Flav gave her the nickname “Bambi”, which she decided to stick by for a long time.

This isn’t the only time when someone has claimed that Bambi was on Flavor of Love. A forum post in the Entertainment section of Blurtit, for example, also had someone stating that she was, indeed, part of the cast. Yet, another user has reported that this is not true.

So, Was Bambi on Flavor of Love?

Image – Fair use via WikiCommons

Well, After looking up the complete list of contestants and cast members for Flavor of Love, including the very first season, we can confirm that Bambi was not officially mentioned as an actress on the show.

Adiz Benson, or Bambi, as most people know her by today, started to make a name for herself when she joined as part of the crew on Love & Hip Hop, a reality TV show. She had played in support roles on other reality shows before, but this was her first big shot. Even though many claim that Bambi was on Flavor of Love, it seems like she did not make an appearance, according to various sources.

But, why do people keep saying that Bambi was on Flavor of Love?

Well, there are some explanations as to why this could be. Firstly, there have been several reality TV shows like “Flavor of Love,” “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and other VH1 reality shows that may have overlapping audiences. Thus, it’s possible that people confused Bambi’s appearance on one show with another, which led to the confusion.

Secondly, it is known that Scrappy, a guy whom Bambi had a relationship with for quite some time, was romantically involved with someone from Flavor of Love – a contestant known as Shay Johnson. This could be the reason behind the confusion, as Bambi was later on, seen with Scrappy in other reality TV shows following his involvement with Johnson.

There are also some people who claim this misunderstanding is due to individuals confusing Bambi with someone else who was on the Flavor of Love show.

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