Who Is Maggie in Diana and Roma? Age, Family, Bio

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One thing that YouTube has taught us over the last couple of years is that anyone can be a star. Whether you want to stream games, educate people, or just have fun, there are many opportunities that wait on YouTube.

For Diana and Roma, this all started at a young age. At an age younger than 10, Diana has been able to get millions of subscribers, and she’s even featured on multiple channels.

However, one question that lingers on everyone’s minds: just who is Maggie? She often stars in the Kids Diana Show, and not much is really known about her. So, Who is Maggie in Diana and Roma? How old is she? Is she related to Diana and Roma? Well, read on to find out more about Maggie.

What is the Kids Diana Show?

First, let’s consider who Diana and Roma is. And, of course, learn a bit more about the Kids Diana Show. Now, if you’ve been doing some research about the most-watched channels, then this one might seem familiar. That’s because the YouTube channel has been ranked the most viewed for quite some time.

It didn’t really start as a show. Instead, they started when Diana and Roma’s parents, Volodymyr and Olena, were staying in Ukraine. They wanted a way to communicate with their family who were not in Ukraine. Additionally, the parents explained that they really enjoyed seeing how well their kids came along and played together, so they used the YouTube channel as a way to keep those precious memories.

They actually started the channel in 2015, and since then, interest in Diana and Roma has just been increasing. Today, we can see more than just Diana and Roma stars on the YouTube channel, with videos featuring family trips and much more.

Who Is Maggie in Diana and Roma?

Simply put, ‘Maggie’ is actually a stage name/character that Roma and Diana’s older sister portrays in the Kids Diana Show, as well as in a couple of other YouTube channels.

Well, right now, there are 12 different channels where Diana and Roma can be seen. Most of these channels have more of a focus on Diana in particular. However, there are also a couple of “side channels” where Diana and Roma are sometimes seen with another character, known as ‘Maggie’.

Now, if you’ve ever watched some of the Kids Diana Show episodes and saw Maggie, then you might have a tough time finding more information about her. That’s mainly because Maggie isn’t her real name. You see, Maggie is actually the older sister of the two main characters. We can sometimes see her look after Diana and Roma. In fact, sometimes, she’s even said to be quite like a ‘nanny’ for the two kids.

Still wondering who Maggie is? We did some digging and found her name is actually Margarita Barvina. Although, she usually just goes by the name of Barvina. Even when you take a closer look at her Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profiles, you’re unlikely to see the name “Margarita” pop up, but instead, rather just “Barvina”. Although, when we consider the character name, Maggie, it’s obvious that it was likely created based on Margarita.

Margarita Barvina Aka Maggie: Age, Family, Bio, Her Relation to Diana & Roma

Image – Love, Diana

Maggie was born on the 12th of August 2005, which makes her 18 years old in 2023. Her hometown is Miami, Florida, but she was actually born in Ukraine. Today, Barvina Aka Maggie is considered to be a social media influencer. She has been active on social media since 2015, at which time, she was merely 10 years old. That’s actually quite similar to the age of her brother and sister in the present day.

Apart from these factors, Maggie is known for her blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s estimated to be around 5’7” in height, and she loves to travel. She has two popular YouTube channels. One of them is in English, and the other one is in Russian. When she posted her very first vlog, she was actually traveling through the Dominican Republic. In addition to speaking English and Russian, Maggie/Barvina is also known to be fluent in Ukrainian.

Now, if you do some research on ‘Barvina’, you might find a lot of controversy. She’s often not directly linked to Diana and Roma, and it’s much easier to get more details about her when looking at her stage name in the Kids Diana Show, where she portrays Maggie. However, when considering the official channels, we can see that some do link out to Bravina’s official Instagram channel.


Diana and Roma have attracted a massive audience with the videos they post, with the help of their parents, on YouTube. One character that seems mysterious to many people, however, is Maggie.

This is actually a stage persona that Roma and Diana’s older sister portrays in the Kids Diana Show. Apart from her appearance in these shows, Maggie, or rather Barvina, has also gained followers on her own channels.

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