How to Answer When a Guy Asks ‘What Are You Looking For’?

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We all, men and women, enter into a new relationship with many doubts and questions. And to add to it, the first dates will be accompanied by an array of questions (what, when, and where’s). And the infamous of these is the question, “what are you looking for?”.

So, How to respond when a guy asks what are you looking for? What to say? How do you answer? Believe me, ladies, you do not need to stumble at this notorious question.

Here are some tips and tricks to tackle and slide gracefully through the trickster.

How do you respond and answer when a guy asks What You Are Looking For?

When a Guy Asks 'What Are You Looking For

The question “What are you looking for?” is common and can be very confusing to answer. If you say you’re looking for a long-term relationship, It might imply that you’re desperate to get married and have kids. On the other hand, if you say that you’re open to something casual, it could imply that you’re not worth being in a relationship.

So what’s the intelligent way out? Before answering the question, hold on a second and just try to understand what the other person is looking for. That’s how you can respond to this question differently. By knowing what he is looking for, you can now be honest or can bring out an answer that you think will best please him.

I would always suggest being honest, and you don’t have to compromise on your life, time, and relations for anyone. Be brave enough to say to the guy that you are looking for a guy who accepts you the way you are and that you do not intend to change your habits and beliefs no matter what.

Acting out to be ethical, having concern for every being on this planet, and being cute might impress the guy and make him take on the relationship with you. And then comes the tricky part. Will you be able to live that lie forever? There might be some time when you lose it. Or maybe some old videos, photographs, or even friends who could break it loose for you. So dear, try to give a thoughtful answer, or you could even bounce back the question at him and know what exactly he is looking for before you answer it.

When a guy asks “What Are You Looking For?: How and what to reply?

There are many ways you could answer the ‘what are you looking for’ question from a guy. But the best ones are the ones that seem simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. For example..

  • Tell him you want to find someone passionate about cooking and who enjoys a sandwich.
  • You could say that you are looking for someone who is kind and calm and who will be able to reciprocate your feelings.
  • You could also say that you are looking for someone who doesn’t mind dressing up, or you are looking for someone who doesn’t mind wearing a costume.

At the same time, if you are looking for someone passionate about something, say your strong opinions, and be specific. Don’t be afraid to alienate others by having solid preferences and opinions. Your conversation should help bring out the guy’s choices and ultimately let you know what he is looking for from the relationship.

Should you say you are looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage? How to say you’re looking for a relationship on tinder?

How to say you're looking for a relationship on tinder?

Being in a relationship is not easy for all. Some might be tensed and anxious about the first date or to initiate a talk. While others are cool about it, you might feel that absolute dating is just fun for them.

Whatever answer you give, the impact it has on the guy depends on how he takes his relationship. Some guys might be looking for serious relationships. He might want to find a partner, and your answer will be a cherry on top of their wish. It is always better to try to understand the person you will meet, a bit. The social media profiles and descriptions will give you an outline of how the person is.

Some guys might freak out hearing you want a serious relationship. There are many reasons why people might feel anxious about their partners. It could be because of their past experiences or because they don’t trust people quickly to be in a serious relationship.

Well! If your answer freaks the guy out, do not be disheartened. Give him some time to think about it. If he is honest, he will indeed convey his view about it and how he plans to date ahead. Whatever answer you provide, it should not be disturbing you if at all you are taking the relationship forward.

Should you say that you want to meet new people casually? How to say you want a casual relationship?

How to say you want a casual relationship?

There is nothing wrong with you looking for a casual relationship. The relationship preferences are an individual’s choice. You did a great job opening up about what you expect from the relationship. After all, relationships do not have the same characteristics always. It keeps changing and evolving as time passes. If the guy thinks you are good enough and attracted to you, he will never return without trying it.

And if you think that your answer will make him believe that you are looking for a fling, do not lose spirit. It is not boys alone who could opt for casual relationships; women too have a say in choosing the type of relationship they want.

You cannot impress every human in this world and take your life forward. It is always better to speak about your true self and let him decide if he wishes to take on the relationship. Casual or serious, ultimately, the relationship should not be weighing down on you. And if the guy is also in for a casual relationship, you got what you are looking for, and try to enjoy the good times awaiting you. What more could you wish for a no-strings-attached relationship that helps you live your life to the fullest?

What to say to a guy when he asks ‘What Are You Looking For’? How to answer this perfectly?

How to answer this perfectly, and what to say to a guy when he asks you what you are looking for?

Remember, there is nothing like a perfect answer. Whatever answer you say depends on how the person/guy perceives it. But your answer should be a reflection of what you are expecting from the relationship.

Try being honest and open up about your views and expectations. The more you try to reform and bring out only the good in you, the more difficult it will be. Being desperate and giving out a vibe that is not your type will create issues if the relationship continues. The trick lies when you can make him say what he expects from you, which will help you decide whether or not to respond to his question or to take the relationship ahead.

Most men like to talk about their hobbies and passions on a date. They also want to have conversations about their natural talents and interests. If you’re interested in having a similar conversation with him, let him know what you plan on doing and how you’d like to indulge in it.

So Lady, do not panic..

Take a deep breath and consider what you want and expect from the relationship. Rather than letting him decide how to go about the relationship, try to take control and decide if he is the best choice for you. Be it for a serious relationship or just for a fling.

It does not mean you should be bossing around and ruin the night. Be gentle and make him spill the beans. His answer might give you clarity on the decision you are about to make. It could be a treasure to keep or something to push away gracefully. It would be best if you never forgot that your choices and opinions matter, and your relationship or the one you intend to be in should not force you to change the perfect human in you.

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