Cake Boss Sister Death Rumor: Did Buddy Valastro’s Sisters Die?

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Buddy Valastro, or as we all know him, the Cake Boss, has become a beloved TV personality. His cakes are truly something else, catering for everything from a children’s party to large, corporate events.

While the TV show, Cake Boss, has a large focus on showing us what happens in his kitchen, and the drama of finishing every cake on time, the show has also introduced us to many of Valastro’s family members. In fact, throughout the seasons, we’ve even seen some of his family members, including his sisters, join him in business.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with celebrity news, you might have seen rumors that one of Buddy Valastro’s sisters died. Yet, this isn’t entirely correct. So, let’s take a closer look at Cake Boss sisters’ current whereabouts, consider a few facts about them, and also explore where all of this confusion came from.

A Closer Look At Buddy Valastro’s Sisters: Are They Still Alive or Dead?

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To provide absolute clarity, none of Buddy Valastro’s sisters had been reported as having passed away. All four of his sisters are indeed alive, and well, continuing to be an integral part of the Valastro family’s journey and the “Cake Boss” legacy.

As Buddy Valastro took center stage as he rose to fame with his cake business, his family members soon started to join and appeared alongside him on camera. The world got to know Valastro on a more personal note, including where he came from.

In recent years, however, there have been speculations about Buddy Valastro’s sisters. Some people think that one of his sisters died, but if we take a deep dive into the World Wide Web, we can see that they are all still alive. Before we take a closer look at where all of this confusion came from, let’s first take a moment to consider where his sisters are in the current day.

Grace Faugno:

The first Cake Boss sister is Grace Faugno. Being Buddy’s oldest sister, Grace Faugno, is also involved in running the front desk of the business. She’s married to Joey Fungio, and they have two children together, Robert and Bartolina. Grace was born in 1966. She continues to be closely involved in the cake business. She has also appeared on one episode of Family Feud.

Currently, Grace is still alive and actively contributing to the success of Carlo’s Bakery, the Valastro family’s iconic establishment.

Maddalena Castano:

The second sister of Buddy Valastro is, Maddalena Castano. Over the years, Maddalena has become a TV personality. She was born in 1967, and we’ve come to know her as working at the front counter for Buddy’s bakery. Maddalena has three children with husband Mauro Castano. Their three children are known as Mary, Buddy, and Dominique. Mauro and Maddalena have become well-known figures and a celebrity couple, with pages representing them both together on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Maddalena, the second sister of Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro, is still alive and lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Mary Sciarrone:

Another popular Cake Boss sister, and the third sister of Buddy, is Mary Sciarrone. There has been a bit of controversy with her, as she was once removed from the Cake Boss show. This happened after she was said to be mean to employees of the cake shop.

Putting those controversies aside, she was born in 1969 and is still alive.

Lisa Gonzalez:

Lisa is the youngest sister of Buddy Valastro, and she has been seen managing the storefront in the bakery. In fact, she appeared on 32 episodes of Cake Boss altogether. Apart from her work in this show, she’s also been featured in the Rachael Ray show. Lisa is Buddy’s youngest sister, and yes, she is still alive today.

Cake Boss Sister Death Rumor: Where Did The Confusion Come In?

To really understand why some people think one of Valastro’s sisters died, we need to go back to 2017. In 2017, it was officially announced that the mother of these five siblings had passed away. Buddy Valastro appeared on several social media outlets following the event and came forth, saying that he was “crushed” by the fact that his mother had passed away. It was also announced that his mother had a long struggle with ALS.

And this is also where the confusion came in. See, Buddy’s mother’s name was actually Mary. When the news of Mary Valastro started to spread, confusion naturally happened. This is due to the similarities in the name, not only of Buddy’s mother but also one of his sisters. Thus, many people began speculating that Buddy Valastro’s sister, Mary Sciarrone, had passed away, given the similarity in names.

As a matter of fact, his mother, Mary Valastro, passed away on the 22nd of June, 2017. Valastro started a charity foundation in order to help raise funds for other people who have ALS. He called the organization the ‘Momma Mary Foundation’. Even though his mother is no longer with them, Valastro continues to work on the organization, with the hopes of bringing ALS treatments to those in need and individuals who are unable to afford it.

Final Words

Buddy Valastro has impressed the world over and over with his magnificent creativity when it comes to baking cake. Now often called the Cake Boss, which came from a popular TV show he hosts, Valastro has not only opened up about his cake business, but also introduced us to his family.

In 2017, Buddy Valastro had to say goodbye to his mother, who died at the age of 69. Following this, many people started to speculate that Buddy’s sister passed away, but given the names of mother and daughter, it’s no wonder why there was so much confusion.

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