Yeast infection with blood: Why is this happening for you?

If you have a yeast infection, you might probably know that it shows some symptoms like itching some liquid discharges etc.

But what about the yeast infection blood and bleeding? Is bleeding a symptom of yeast infection too?

If not why could you see the blood or blood spots when you wipe the area affected with yeast infection?

Today I am going to reveal everything about yeast infection and what if a person experiences yeast infection with blood.

First of all, What is a Yeast infection?

Yeast infection is a generally caused by a fungus commonly known as “Candida” in other words the yeast. In general, the yeast is present in all the parts of one’s body. But the problems arise when this yeast multiplies and increases causing an infection. That is what we often call the yeast infection.

The Vag*nal Yeast infection is a common problem seen in many women. Also, yeast infection is known to cause a thrush and infection in the mouth also.

can yeast infection cause bleeding?

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Thus wherever yeast cells increase in a particular area of the person, he/she tends to develop a yeast infection at that place. The most common yeast infections include –

a) Vag*nal yeast infection (Women)

b) Oral yeast infection also called as oral thrush

c) Penile yeast infection (Men)

Is bleeding or blood spots a symptom of yeast infection?

When you have a yeast infection the common symptoms you generall feel are..

  • Itching
  • A white liquid like discharge (Vag*nal yeast infection)
  • Some strong white patches (Oral yeast infection in the mouth)
  • Redness and swelling
  • pain at times

Though the above-mentioned ones are the most common things experienced, blood and bleeding is not a common symptom of yeast infection.

And this is what makes you worry more. Listen to this true story across forums

 I am 34-years-old, and am no newcomer to vag*nal infections unfortunately…but I have never seen anything like this. It is bright red blood speckled throughout the discharge, and has been going on for over 3 days. What could be causing this? Source(steadyhealth forums)

Yes, This is the exact same case of yeast infection and blood just like yours. So why is this happening? Why could you see blood and sometimes pink/red bleeding like patches on the skin? Read How Long does garlic take to cure a yeast infection? 5 ways to fasten it

3 Reasons why you could see blood when you are having a yeast infection:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. You are Wiping/Scraping them:

using toilet paper for yeast infection

This is the most common reason if you have yeast infection and blood. In general, the Fungus/Candida slowly starts as a small harmless colonizer. But as days pass by, it intensifies and settles deeply, taking your body as the host.

So when such deep settled candida yeast infection is tried to wipe down or scrape down, it causes blood and bleeding. In case of oral thrush, scraping the tongue can cause bleeding, while in the case of vag*nal yeast infection even a small wipe or rub using a toilet paper can cause bleeding.

As per statistics, this is the most common case related to yeast infection and blood.

2. You are having some Rough sex:

vaginal yeast infection and blood due to sex

This is exclusive in the cases of vag*nal and penile yeast infections. In general, when you develop a yeast infection it also impacts and infects all the linings of the vag*na. So when you are having a yeast infection and has undergone some rough sex, this may lead to intense rubbing of the yeast infected linings.

Thus this causes some mild bleeding and sometimes even red and inflamed skin. Read Are yeast infections contagious? is it contagious to your partner?

3. A Severe Yeast infection:

severe yeast infection and blood

Images: besthomeremedies, healthand

Though blood is not a common symptom of yeast infections, recent studies according to Barron’s dictionary agrees that at times mild bleeding can also accompany yeast infections, especially in the case of severe yeast infections.

When you are having yeast infections for longer periods of time and when you are having recurring yeast infections, this is a clear sign that candida yeast has already severely colonized your skin and body. So in such cases when you have severe yeast infections, you might bleed.

The other common reasons for bleeding:

Though I have cleared how a yeast infection can cause bleeding, at times it is often possible that you might get totally misled. This is mainly because of one reason. Other than yeast infections, there are also a ton of reasons which also cause bleeding same as candidiasis. This mainly includes..


The inflammation that occurs in the cervix (that is extended into the vag*na) is called as cervicitis. Sometimes this inflammation is even caused by candida. So when you are infected with cervicitis it can cause abnormal vag*nal bleeding. Thus this is one of the problems that is often confused with a yeast infection.


Though every woman remembers how periods cause bleeding every month, Sometimes they may overlook this important thing while too much thinking about the yeast infection. So before you come to a conclusion, make sure that it, not your menstrual cycle that is causing the vag*nal blood.

Other diseases especially caused by bacteria:

Also, some sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by bacteria can cause bleeding. The most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease that is confused with a yeast infection is bacterial vaginosis. Others include Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis etc also.

So, always make sure that your blood and bleeding is not because of the above 3 misconceptions.


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