Why does Life hate me? The Truth I discovered

The Good Days came to an end.

Everything seems to be going wrong.

Whatever you desire, is leaving you and going away..

I know how such emotions feel like. I know how lonely and sad you feel like.

why everything goes wrong for me

But Don’t worry. Today, I am going to tell you how to get back your joyous life. I’ll also tell you how to get everything you wanted so eventually you will start loving your beautiful life.

Remember everything changes so Fast..

I’ll tell you a story..

I was in my late teenage then. Right from my childhood my family was somewhat rich and had an almost happy life. We were the most respectable people in our families. But everything started changing while I entered my teenage.

Due to some losses, Suddenly all our families assets were lost. Day after day the money crunch was increasing and increasing. I still remember the day when i was waiting outside a bank manager’s room feeling tensed, whether he grants a loan or not.

All that turned in my mind was one thing..

“Why Does Life hate me so much?”

Fast forward 3 Years. I am a happy joyous man. I am the founder and CTO to two e-businesses. My family was happy again. So I feel like life loves me so much.

So What is the Truth?

Remember Life can never be controlled.

Yes, how much you try to control your life, the more easily it slips away from your hands. For example, if you are met with an accident at 9:30 if you started at home at 9:15.

So imagine what happens if you started 5 minutes late

what happens if you took the other road.

So even a minor change may eventually result in a completely different ending and the accident would not have happened.

So, simply how much hard you try you cannot control your life.

So what you should do, so that you get the best out of everything?

The first step you need to do is cry or be sad for some time. Yes, you heard it right. When you are sad, your body feels low in energy. So in such a state even if you try to solve your problems, you feel low energy and give up easily.

So whenever you feel sad or feel completely fuc*ed up by your life do this..

Embrace all the sadness you are having. It’s even ok to cry for some time. So after being sad and accepting all your problems. Next comes the real work.

Now take a paper and write down all the problems that are currently bothering you. Don’t forget to write down everything (I mean even the small ones). Don’t think too much, while you can start this right now while reading this article.

So Tell me how many number of problems do you have 5 or 10 or maybe 15?

So Ask yourself, don’t you have the courage to solve at least a dozen problems. Yes, you can if you do what I say..

After listing all your problems, segregate them into 3 categories.

why life hates me so much. Everything seem to go wrong

  1. Difficult Problems (This may include your recent breakup, your financial crisis, your loss of job etc etc)
  2. Somewhat easier problems (This list may include somewhat bothering problems like your recent failure, your stress for an upcoming event, your argument with your friend etc etc)
  3. Easy problems ( This list may include simple problems like you are growing fatter, your bike has to be repaired etc etc)

So by now you have understood, the above three sets of problems in your life are making you feel one thing “Why does life hate me so much”

If you don’t believe me, you can cross check your self. Just imagine all the above list of problems were completely solved. Will you feel happy? Will you feel that your life loves you so much?

So that’s it. It’s time for the next crucial step.

Starting with difficult ones always make you feel worried because they are difficult while you still have the other small problems to solve. So if you start with easier tasks, you get an happy boost whenever you accomplish one task.

So each time you get a happiness boost, you will start solving the next problem in a much easier way.

why life hates me woman

So now start with the category 3. i.e the Easy problems.

For each problem patiently write down the solution to it. If possible solve the problem then itself. As they are easier tasks you can easily solve them.

So check yourself, a sense of relief starts in your mind.

Once you complete the 3rd category of tasks move on to the 2nd category which is followed by the 1st category of difficult tasks.

So by the time you reach these difficult problems, you may or may not be able to solve them. So even if you could not solve them now put up a fixed date that you promise yourself to solve them on that day.

Believe me, even if you could not solve these difficult problems of your life, you will not at all feel sad because by this time you already made your mind believe that you have only few problems and that you have the ability to solve them.

So This is the truth I discovered. Whenever you feel depressed. Whenever you feel like that your life is screwing you up, just follow this simple strategy and believe you will never again ask “why does life hate me so much”

Love you it’s crazy Jackz.. Share it and Love it..:)


Why does life hate me the truth i discovered

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