Using Vaseline for hemorrhoids: Can it actually help your piles?

Some claim that vaseline is one of the best remedies to cure the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids.

Some question how a simple petroleum jelly like Vaseline can help heal hemorrhoids.

So what is the actual truth? What does vaseline do, if applied to hemorrhoids in the an*s? Does it really work, and can you use it for shrinking hemorrhoids?

First things first, what is a Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoid in other words piles is the swelling of the veins present in one’s an*s. This swelling can be caused by a number of reasons varying from one person to another.

Hemorrhoids cause a lot of itching, pain and sometimes even blood to the people having them.

So Now, coming to the main point, Does a petroleum jelly like Vaseline help against this painful hemorrhoids problem or is it just a myth?

5 Effects of Using Vaseline for hemorrhoids:

Vaseline in other words petroleum jelly is a liquid like gel that is made from petroleum and many other waxes. Right from the year it discovered, it is known to have a huge number of skin benefits.

vaseline for hemorrhoidsImage:Prateek Bahl via flickr 2.0

Many recent researches even concluded that this vaseline can even be used in the cases of hemorrhoids, and the results were very much clearly seen.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using vaseline for hemorrhoids.

1. It reduces the itching caused by hemorrhoids:

Itching in any part of the body is caused because of the dry skin. So same with the case of hemorrhoids too. Generally, the presence of dryness in the area affected by hemorrhoids causes a lot of itching and irritation. Thus eventually the person is forced to scratch the hemorrhoids, which results in further damage of the hemorrhoids and the skin near it.

So applying a petroleum jelly like vaseline completely removes the dryness of the skin present in the an*s. Thus as the dryness is reduced, you feel a lot less itching.

2. It heals the ruptures caused by hemorrhoids popping:

One study by ncbi, clearly states that petroleum jelly helps to heal the scrapes, ruptures present on the skin. This is the reason, many doctors suggest using petroleum jelly ointments for healing the post-surgery skin damage.

Now coming to the case of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, due to the increased pressure in the veins, gets popped up many times. This creates ruptures and damages to the skin in the an*s. Thus applying vaseline near the area of the an*s, quickens the process of healing the ruptures and repairs the damaged skin faster.

3. It acts as a lubricant preventing the rubbing of hemorrhoids:

One of the risk factors for hemorrhoids is they tend to rub against the skin each day causing the hemorrhoids pain and bleeding. Thus if vaseline is used for hemorrhoids, this acts as a lubricant and thus completely stops the rubbing of hemorrhoids against the skin surrounding it.

Thus simply using the vaseline as a lubricant gives a person a lot of peace of mind as he/she can at least walk freely without worrying about the rubbing of hemorrhoids against the skin.

4. Its cool nature suppresses the pain of hemorrhoids to a certain extent:

Only a person having hemorrhoids can know the true pain caused by it. The swelling of the veins causes a lot of pain thus disturbing one’s entire life. On the other hand, vaseline is a cool petroleum jelly which gives a cooling effect to any area applied.

Thus this becomes yet another important benefit of applying Vaseline to hemorrhoids. It creates a strong cooling feeling when applied thus reducing the pain and burning sensation caused by hemorrhoids.

5. Helps in the passage of stools:

One of the biggest nightmares for people having hemorrhoids is pooping. Yes, it becomes so difficult for the person with hemorrhoids to have an easy excretion. Thus, this is another important problem that is solved by the vaseline.

It is a proved fact that applying a small amount of petroleum jelly deep inside the an*s (almost near the rect*m) helps the stools to pass easily thus reducing constipation. Thus this prevents any further damage that is caused during the bowel movements.

Another biggest thing Vaseline does if applied to hemorrhoids:

Listen to this true stories across forums..

About a month ago, I had some bright red blood on the toilet paper when I wiped. It continued for about two weeks until I read online that putting vaseline on before you go can help with tears or hemmerhoids. I did, and now every time I put on vaseline there is no blood. Source(ehealthforum)

Yes, The Bleeding. Though this is not scientifically proved yet, we at CrazyJackz made a lot of research in forums and found that applying vaseline even stops bleeding. Applying vaseline creates a strong moisture near the hemorrhoids, thus even rubbing, wiping the hemorrhoids prevent them from bleeding.

petroleum jelly for hemorrhoidsImage:epainassist

Thus applying vaseline as a preventive measure to avoid bleeding is a great thing to stop further damage and embarrassment caused by hemorrhoid bleeding.

Can Applying vaseline completely heal/shrink hemorrhoids?

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

I have already said that hemorrhoids are the swelling of veins present in the an*s. So clearly applying vaseline neither decreases this swelling nor shrinks the hemorrhoids. All it does is reducing the itching, pain, bleeding etc discomforts caused by these hemorrhoids.

In many cases, hemorrhoids shrink on their own within a few days, until then using the vaseline provides a quicker, easy, and a smoother healing.

2 Important Things to remember while applying petroleum jelly for hemorrhoids:

vaseline for external hemorrhoids

Highly effective for external hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids are the ones which start right from the top i.e the rect*m. In such cases of external hemorrhoids, vaseline is extremely effective as it allows the free flow of stools and clears down the ruptures, pain caused by these external hemorrhoids.

You must clean/Disinfect the skin before applying the Vaseline:

This is one the important thing you must do while using Vaseline. Applying petroleum jelly like Vaseline forms an invisible protective layer above the skin. Thus applying the petroleum jelly without cleaning the skin, results in bacteria and other microbes getting trapped and infecting that area.

So all you need to do is first clean and gently wipe the entire area using a tissue or cloth. Once you are sure that the entire area is properly cleaned, you can apply the vaseline using your finger or a smooth q-tip.


Using Vaseline for hemorrhoids: Can it actually help your piles?

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