Why do you get Sharp pain in knee that comes and goes all of a sudden?

It’s the sharp stabbing knee pain…Literally very painful that you can’t even think about anything.

It comes all of a sudden and goes within few seconds. But with days passing by, it is getting more and more frequent disturbing your entire life?

So, what is your problem? why are you getting this sharp knife like knee-pain all of a sudden? What should you do now?

“My Sharp Pain in knee comes and goes regularly?” A woman said:

Listen to this true story across forums..

Over the last month I have had occasional knee pain that I can’t figure out. All of a sudden, I will have a sharp pain right below the kneecap and it will fell like it needs to pop.  Very painful to walk or to bend the knee at all.

I will try to stretch my quads and hamstrings, thinking that might help – usually doesn’t.  The pain will leave as fast as it came.  I’ll go for a few days with no problems and then all of a sudden it’s back. Source(medhelp)

Does this sound like you? If yes, then let me tell you, you are not alone. There are thousands of people who experience the exact same symptoms you are experiencing.

On the other hand, the biggest problem is there is no proper information to help people like you know what the real problem is? And what is causing all this?

Some say it is due to the stress caused by climbing stairs? Then why are you getting these sharp pains even when you are at rest?

Some say it is a fracture? But why is your pain leaving after a few seconds?

Some even say that it is some kind of a cyst? Let me ask you, then why does your knee doesn’t show any swelling?

The Knee-Pain problems are complex:

sharp knife like stabbing knee pain randomly

Image:Esther Max via Flickr 2.0

One of the most complex problems that are very hard for diagnosis are the knee and the knee-pain problems. Yes, almost all the knee issues have the same symptoms and thus it becomes very difficult for anyone to tell what your problem really is.

This is the reason, many people don’t understand the real cause of their sudden sharp pain that is hurting their knees at completely random times.

This article is only for people with the following symptoms –

we made a drastic research and want to make people know the real cause of their sharp pain that comes and goes in their knee.

As I have already told, knee and knee-pain problems are complex. Thus, I just want to know whether the following symptoms are experienced by you or not. And pretty much straightforward, go on through the checklist of symptoms below –

  1. A sudden (electric shock like) sharp pain which only lasts for a few seconds (or a minute)
  2. The pain triggers completely at random times (Irrespective of any moves/exercises)
  3. No Swelling/Lump near the knee
  4. Feels more of like a nerve pain and not like a muscle pain
  5. No particular injury in recent times
  6. No continuous pain or discomfort
  7. Symptoms continuing from more than many weeks and months

If this is what you experience…

sharp knee pain comes and goes all of a sudden

You are at the right place. After researching many knee-pain problems, I trimmed down everything and telling you the real causes of your sudden knee pain. Here are the key short-listed factors, which cause the sudden knee pain that too intermittently.

1. Loose body near knee – (cartilage/bone):

A knee is a complex structure which consists of 3 bones and a cartilage muscle in between them. Due to a number of reasons, sometimes, a small piece of bone gets broken off from the knee area and start to loosely move around. This broken piece can float through the entire knee area and gets trapped all of a sudden at times.

Thus in such a case, this creates a severe sharp pain near the knee for at least a few seconds to minutes. And once the broken piece moves off, the pain subsides and you feel everything normal. Just like the bone, cartilage from the meniscus too can break off and float around the knee (which is more common and is difficult to diagnose)

2. Cartilage Neural pain:

This is the second case, which causes a sudden electric shock like pain near the knee. It is mainly because of nerves that get disrupted due to the cartilage, which is partly detached from the meniscus and is lying like a flap.

Although regular wear and tear is a common reason, at times cartilage breaks off and forms a flap-like structure near the knee joint. This flap occasionally touches the nerves present near the knee, causing a severe pain all of sudden. Although this can occur occasionally, the frequency of pain attacks may increase, as the knee cartilage flap comes more and more out.

3. Arthritis:

Even though many won’t agree that they have arthritis, sudden stabbing pain is a common symptom of arthritis. This stabbing pain can be at any joint including the knees (which is very common).

So, if you have been having this sudden knee pains, which come and go, it is better you undergo some diagnosis and make sure it is not arthritis.

4. Neuropathy pain:

Tell me, are you diabetic? Or Tell me, did you undergo chemotherapy? If your answer is Yes, for any of the above two questions, then most probably your pain is a definite case of neuropathy pain. It is also called as peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder which is commonly seen in diabetic people, in which the nerves of the person are completely damaged, resulting in the malfunction of the nerves. Thus this nerve malfunction may result in sudden stabbing pain which lasts for at least a few moments. Although neuropathy can affect any part of the body, it commonly affects the hands and legs which definitely includes the knees.


Why do you get Sharp pain in knee that comes and goes all of a sudden?

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