Ovarian cyst bloating: Types, symptoms, causes, treatments, and more

Are you having a heavy bloat like feeling across your abdomen?

Are you constantly experiencing a weird fullness and stuffiness in your stomach?

Then, this all could be because of your growing ovarian cyst and its bloating.

So what should you do now? What is ovarian cyst bloating? Why is it caused? How to diagnose it and finally how to treat it successfully?

What is an ovarian cyst bloating?

An ovarian cyst is nothing but a sac-like fluid that is formed on one’s ovary. Though there are various types of ovarian cysts, the most common ones are called the follicle cysts. They are generally formed due to fluid accumulation that happens when the follicle in the ovary fails to release the egg.

can ovarian cysts cause bloating?


Though most ovarian cysts tend to go away within few weeks, some of them tend to stay for months and months. They are called the complex ovarian cysts, which grow in size gradually, causing a number of body problems.

One of the major problem caused by complex ovarian cysts is the bloating which we call the “ovarian cyst bloating”.

Now let’s dig deeper and know more about ovarian cysts and bloating..

Two types of ovarian cyst bloating You must know:

Personally, I divide ovarian cyst bloating into two types based on various symptoms, and factors causing them. So once you understand the type of your bloating, you can act and treat accordingly in a proper way. So the two types of ovarian cyst bloating are –

1. Ovarian cyst bloating as a Gas bloat and

2. Ovarian cyst bloating as a Distended abdomen

To be simple, the main difference between both these types is that in the first case you can only feel the bloating and not the physical swelling (Your stomach remains flat like before). On the other hand, in the case of the distended abdomen, the lower abdomen is physically swelled up making you look like a pregnant.

1. Ovarian cyst bloating as a Gas bloat:

ovarian cyst bloating


This bloating is the most common thing that happens in many women having ovarian cysts and is not so dangerous.


The symptoms include –

  1. A feeling of fullness in the stomach and abdomen area
  2. No physical swelling or sac thing on the abdomen.
  3. Constipation at times
  4. Can cause indigestion and heartburn sometimes
  5. Back pain due to gas


The main reason for this type of ovarian cyst bloating is the pressure caused by the cysts. Yes, although simple cysts don’t create any pressure, complex cysts due to its bigger size, causes a substantial pressure on a number of organs in your abdomen.

The organs include the intestines, stomach, colon etc. Thus the pressure on the organs creates a set of new problems like IBS, indigestion and excessive gas formation. (For example, the most common thing is the ovarian cyst pressure on intestines, which causes the irritable bowel syndrome that makes you feel heavy bloat feeling, gas, pain near the abdomen)

Thus this entire connection of excessive pressure on organs, the organ’s reduced capability causes the bloating and fullness in one’s stomach.


Here you need to gradually control your symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, on the other hand, being vigilant on the size of your ovarian cyst. In many cases, ovarian cysts do go away naturally without any intervention or by using birth control pills. So all you need to do is reducing gas and bloating by taking proper diets and exercise.

You also need to properly keep an eye on your ovarian cyst via ultrasound and make sure it is decreasing in size gradually. You can also try some home remedies to naturally reduce the size of your cysts.

2. Ovarian cyst bloating as a Distended abdomen:

ovarian cyst bloating and feeling fullness and swelling


This is somewhat a rare case in which the swelling/bloat is visible physically. Also, it is somewhat serious and requires immediate attention.


The symptoms mainly include –

  1. You belly almost looks like a pregnancy.
  2. Physical swelling (like a sac) near the lower abdomen.
  3. Sudden weight gain.
  4. Feels like extreme bloating
  5. Difficult even to sleep as you can constantly feel the fluid-filled mass on the abdomen.
  6. Feels deep pressure even on bladder and intestine.
  7. A slight constant ache in the abdomen area.
  8. Nausea and vomitings in some cases.


The main cause of this type of physical bloating is the large-sized ovarian cyst. You need to understand that ovarian cysts occupy a particular amount of physical space in your abdomen. This is even more in the case of large/ enlarged cysts. Thus the increased physical space occupied by the ovarian cysts shows out as bloating and swelling in the lower abdomen.

In simple, the larger is your ovarian cyst, the more physical space your body needs to accommodate it and thus pushing out as a bloat. This almost looks like a pregnancy and many women tend to wrongly think it as some weight/fat gain.

At times, this bloat can also be caused by the ruptured ovarian cyst. In such a case, the symptoms should subside within few hours or a day.


In most cases, this happens when your ovarian cyst becomes too large. Thus you may need to consult your doctor as he does the ultrasound and prescribe you a proper way out. Most probably, he might suggest surgically removing the ovarian cyst to prevent complications like ovarian torsion.


Ovarian cyst bloating: Types, symptoms, causes, treatments, and more

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