5 Reasons you are losing weight but not inches

You kept working out daily..

You even followed the low-calorie diet..

Days passed by, but all you understood is that you are not at all losing inches. Your dress sizes are still the same and you don’t seem to look thinner..

So why is this happening to you? why are you losing weight but not inches? How long does it take for you to lose inches?

Don’t worry today, I’m going to tell you everything about why you are losing weight but not inches. Moreover, I’ll also tell you what you need to do to reduce your inches so that you look slimmer.

5 Reasons you are losing weight but not inches

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

So now I’ll give 5 straightforward reasons why your dress size is not at all going down..

1. You have a large number of muscles:

losing pounds but not inches

Do you know, Along with the fat, you also have large amounts of muscles present in your body? Yes, your body is a combination of both fat and muscles. Thus according to a number of studies, whenever you workout, the muscles get burnt first which is then followed by fat. This is the reason why you are unable to see the loss of inches.

In simple, if you have a large number of muscle tissues, it is common that you lose weight first (as the muscles get burnt). Once you have lost all the muscle present in your body, you will tend to lose fat which is when you will be able to see losing your inches.

2. Distributed fat is burning:

losing lbs but not inches

Image: morphoclinic

Are you measuring all the inches of your body? I mean to say that did you measure your thigh inches, but inches, arms inches etc. If your answer is ‘no’, then you are getting it completely wrong.

Fat in your body is distributed in a number of parts in your body. So when you start working out, all the distributed fat in the body starts burning up. Even the ads which you see are the addition of all the inches lost. For example, if a person lost 2 inches at the stomach, 1 inch at arms, 2 inches at thighs, it is generally said that the person has lost 5 inches.

So if you are only measuring the belly fat then you may be wrong as you need to take the measurements of all the fatty parts of your body. Read Freezing fat cells at home with Ice packs? 6 Reasons it’s not at all good

3. You are on diet but not performing exercise:

diet but no exercise not losing inches

This is another common reason for losing weight but not inches. When you are on diet, you cut the calorie supply to the body. This is when your body starts looking for the extra calories present in your body. This is when the body starts burning your muscles again instead of the fat. As the muscles are more in weight, you will start seeing the change in your weight.

The matter of fact is that your fat is not yet burnt and thus you will no way see the loss in the inches and still look like there are no results.

4. It could be the water weight loss

losing weight but not inches. Is it due to salty foods?


When you eat a lot of junk foods, the body is fed with a lot of sodium (salt). If this sodium content increases in your body, your kidneys instead of excreting them, hold them in the blood causing you to hold water.

So when you started a new diet, you tend to take less amount of sodium and thus the kidneys will excrete all the sodium present in your body. This usually results in the water loss showing up an easy weight loss in your body. Thus you could clearly see losing pounds but not the inches of your body.

5. It could be your first beginning inches

I am losing wight but measurements are same

Whenever a person starts exercising or starts a new diet he/she expects great results instead of waiting for them patiently. So coming to the point, if a person has newly started the weight loss program, he needs to understand that it takes some time to lose the first beginning inches.

According to a study. You lose around 5 lbs to reduce 1 inch of your sizes, On the other hand, it takes more than 8 inches to lose the first beginning inches of body size. This is mainly due to the Glycogen present in your body, which needs to be burnt before your body starts burning the fat.



5 Reasons You are losing Weight but not Inches

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