What causes a Hump on back of neck? How to get rid of it?

Are you feeling a slight hump when you touch the back of your neck?

Is it a fat tissue? Or is it something completely different?

Why did you develop a hump on back of neck and at the end of the day how to get rid of it?

Today, in this article I’m going to reveal everything about the Dowager’s hump i.e (the hump that is developed on the back of one’s neck), its causes, effects and its correction.

What causes this weird Hump on Back of my neck?

A hump is a simple fat tissue that is developed at the back of your neck due to one reason. Your Bad posture.

Yes, the bad posture you maintain is the number one reason for the development of hump at the back of your neck. This bad posture is also known as the forward head posture.

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Let me explain you, Due to the use of various devices like laptop, mobile etc we are forced to look at them with a certain posture. This posture is what makes your head and the spine forward.

Our body has a certain mechanism that makes the body to adjust to any kind of situation. Thus the bad posture you are following every day, causes a lot of stress near the neck bone. In order to handle this extreme stress near the neck, the body starts depositing fat tissues at the neck day after day. The result is a lump like hump on the back of your neck.

What are the consequences of developing this Hunchback?

Though this problem may seem simple, the bent spine, neck and the hump together causes a number body problems. Here are some of the consequences and bad effects of developing the hump on the back..

It Causes pain in your neck and back

May Reduce the lung capacity and can cause asthma

This will bring a considerable impact on your appearance and looks

Causes Nausea and fatigue

May Create a burden on your digestive system and many more.

Though these symptoms don’t appear in the beginning. As days pass by and the hump increases, it will more and more affect your body mechanisms.

So How to get rid of this hump on back of Neck? 

See, your body and neck should be straight. Whatever may be the reason, you developed the forward head posture causing a hump to develop. So it is necessary to correct this problem to get back your perfect health and appearance.

Chin Retractions:

chin retractions for hump on back of neck


The word “retraction” means withdrawal of something. The chin retraction is nothing but pulling/moving the neck from forward to back position and vice versa. This is one of the useful practices that help get rid of the hump on the back of your neck.

Initially sit or kneel down on a flat surface such that your entire body is exactly in 90 degrees. Now slowly bring the neck into backward position such that it forms a double chin. Hold on for a few seconds and loosen back your neck to the forward position. Doing this for a few weeks can help with dealing with this problem.

Stretching the Thoracic spine:

The thoracic spine is the upper part of the spine (Generally near the chest and upper area of the back) which plays a key role in the posture. Thus once you strengthen the muscles of the thoracic spine, you could naturally correct your awkward posture and thus the hump too.

There a number of thoracic spine exercises starting from the simple stretches to very complicated ones. Thus all you need to do is follow any few of them regularly without much stressing your body and spine.

Try a posture brace:

posture brace for hump on neck

A brace is a external support like wearing that is used to naturally correct your bent forward head posture. I have already mentioned that the hump on your back is a clear outcome of the bad posture you are following. So using the posture brace solves the root cause of your problem i.e your forward head posture.

All you need to do is just wear it whenever possible. Thus this naturally corrects your posture.

Trap 3 raises

trap 3 exercises for forward head posture correction


The traps are the special muscles that are present at the lower back of the neck. These traps are the link between the upper shoulder muscles and the lower muscles of the back. The bad posture created by excessive laptop usage and office work creates a lot of stress only on the upper part of the back. So all you need to do is balance the stress between the upper and the lower back muscles.

This is what we call the trap 3 raises. All you are doing is balancing the stress between the upper and the lower back. Thus doing this helps correct the hump that is formed on the upper back (near the neck) which is caused by the stress created by bad posture.

The Yogic Way:

yoga is one of the oldest sciences that is getting so popular nowadays. Yoga’s unbelievable benefits and quickness of curing the problems are making it so important and popular in today’s world. So why not take this to your advantage.

The Fish pose and the Jalandhara Bandha pose especially are known to help with this problem of Dowager’s hump.


fish pose for forward head posture

All you need to is raise up your upper body by lying down on the floor with head and lower body touching the ground. Thus doing this regularly can correct your bad posture and makes you get rid of the hump gradually.


What causes a Hump on back of neck? How to get rid of it fast?

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You did not mention a chiropractor. Mine sorted my neck and shoulders area out easily!