How to cure Gastritis permanently? 10 Proven remedies you must Try

“It’s enough of suffering, I can’t take these burning chest aches anymore..” How many times did you feel this?

Are you irritated with the regular deep gastritis pains you get right below your rib cage?

Did you ever felt that you need a permanent solution to your regular gastritis?

If your answer is Yes, Then let me tell you, you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll reveal some of the proven natural remedies and exactly show you how to cure gastritis permanently. I repeat Permanently, in other words, recovering your stomach linings forever.

First of all, What happens if you have Gastritis?

Gastritis is a condition in which the protective linings of the stomach are damaged due to the inflammation caused in the stomach. As the protective layers keep damaging, the person sees the severe symptoms like pain, burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen, nausea etc.

Although it is the inflammation that causes gastritis, there can be a number of reasons for the cause of this inflammation. In most of the cases, the major cause is the H-pylori bacterial infection. On the other hand, It can be sometimes due to alcohol, sometimes due to use of pain medications, and sometimes even due to aging.

So, Can you cure Gastritis Permanently?

If you seek any doctor or google websites online, all you can find is loads of information, telling you how to temporarily stop your gastritis. So what about the permanent solution? No one even discusses it. Some doctors even simply ask you to use medicines lifelong.

So, if you are really vexed about seeing these temporary solutions.. if you are irritated to see your gastritis coming again and again.. And if you are in a big doubt whether gastritis can be cured permanently or not. Then I want to say “Don’t worry”.

Yes, you can cure Gastritis permanently, and it won’t come back again forever. Although the key to gastritis is eliminating the root cause causing your gastritis, you also need to heal your stomach linings to get a permanent relief. Thus, we have researched a lot and lot, to give you these proven home remedies which can truly cure your gastritis forever.

10 Natural Remedies to cure Gastritis Permanently:

Although these remedies are completely natural, it is better to consult your doctor before consuming them as some of them may be unsuitable for people taking other medications.

1. Licorice Root (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice):

Licorice is an ancient root that is known for fast healing of Gastrointestinal issues. What this Licorice root does is quickly increase mucus production in your body. This excess mucus is what which acts as a barrier for your stomach lining and completely ceases its lining damage. Additionally, it acts as a protector of your stomach tissues allowing it to heal naturally.

licorice root for gastritis permanent cure

Although you cannot eat Licorice root directly, you can take Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice(DGL) which is available in capsules. The DGL is nothing but the processed root removing all unwanted particles and making it consumable for people. Contact your physician before taking them as they may reduce your potassium levels when taken with other meds.

2. Drinking Bone Broth:

For people who don’t know.. bone broth is nothing but a soup that is made from a variety of animal meats and bones. Bone broth is one of the healthiest eats that has an insane amount of healing and soothing properties.

curing gastritis using bone broth

In simple it acts as a natural soother for your stomach linings. Thus it soothes and heals your already damaged stomach linings day after day within no time. As a result, your stomach will be soon having the fresh replenished lining like before.

3. Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm:

marshmallow root and slippery elm, is it a permanent cure for gastritis?

Image:Nina Nelson via Flickr cc 2.0

Marshmallow root and Slippery elm are another two herbs which produce the required mucus that naturally heals your stomach’s protective linings. Whereas the marshmallow root contains sugar molecules, slippery elm contains gel-like polysaccharide compounds which can produce mucus.

So, you can either make a porridge or a herbal tea using this marshmallow root and slippery elm.

4. Take vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a crucial compound which acts as an antioxidant in your stomach. In simple, it stops the cells of your stomach from oxidation, preventing the damage caused by it. Thus taking vitamin E supplements can slowly help to heal the linings of the stomach completely.

how to cure gastritis permanently? Use vitamin E capsules

You can take vitamin e oil, or capsules available at any stores. If possible, you can simply consider eating vitamin E rich foods like almonds, broccoli, spinach, peanuts etc.

5. The Powerful Neem leaf powder:

The Neem leaves are most popular for their strong anti-inflammatory property. In addition to many benefits, neem leaves can strongly help to cure gastritis. Neem leaves have a compound called acrid, which naturally forms a protective layer on one’s stomach. Moreover, it can also reduce the irritation and pain caused by gastritis.

indian home remedies for gastritis

The best way to take is by buying neam powder and mixing it in tea or water. If not possible you can also buy neem capsules which are available at various stores.

6. Yarrow Tea in the Morning:

Yarrow is a common plant that is found in countries like Europe. It is also called as Achillea Millefolium, which is very popular for its healing properties. It can strongly heal gastrointestinal damages completely within no time. It does normalize the hydrochloric acid secretions in one’s stomach thus stopping the damage caused by gastritis.

Yarrow tea remedy for gastritis

Moreover, it is anti-hemostatic and can stop bleeding that happens in cases of chronic gastritis. Thus, Drinking yarrow tea is one of the best ways to heal your damaged and bleeding stomach linings. You can simply buy yarrow flowers at many stores online.

7. Sticking to Anti-inflammatory diet:

An anti-inflammatory diet is nothing but avoiding all the foods which trigger inflammation in the stomach. On the other hand, it also includes adding soothing simple foods which constantly reduce irritations and inflammations.

foods that soothe gastritis

Although the list of foods may vary from person to person, you need to create a list on your own, based on your past experiences. In general, all acidic foods like dairy, gluten etc are likely to trigger inflammation. so, you need to remove them from your diet.

8. Try Hojicha tea:

Hojicha is a peculiar Japanese green tea, which is specially made from Japanese green tea leaves roasted in charcoal pots. Thus, drinking the Hojicaha tea daily has shown a significant improvement in many people who suffer from constant gastritis.

hojicha tea and Gastritis

If not available, you can try regular green tea, which is also known to soothe a person’s digestive tract.

9. Eat probiotic yogurt:

Yogurt is one of the natural probiotics available. i.e it has an ability to produce good bacteria which is very much essential for one’s immunity. The good bacteria present in yogurt has the much-needed ability to kill the bacterial infection present in the stomach. Thus yogurt is considered as the best thing to eradicate gastritis caused by H.pylori bacterial infection.

yogurt and probiotic foods curing gastritis

Moreover, yogurt eliminates toxins and also stops the increase of infection by boosting the immunity. Thus it can be taken even if your gastritis is caused by some other reason also.

10. Mastic Gum:

does mastic gum cure gastritis permanently?

Image: Wikimedia CC3.0

Mastic Gum is a natural resin produced from a tree called Pistacia Lentiscus. This natural resin is one of the greatest anti-inflammatory gum that can completely stop the inflammation in the stomach (which cause gastritis). It naturally controls an enzyme namely Protein Kinase C which produces oxidizing compounds, and inflammation.

You can get Direct mastic gum pieces or mastic gum powder capsules available online.

How to cure Gastritis permanently? 10 Proven remedies you must Try

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