How to become Rich with no money? How I made from 0$ to 15000$

By Pramod Jackz (Founder of CrazyJackz)

Tell me, how many times you saw a costly car and dreamt of riding it..?

How many times you saw a Luxury villa and fantasized about owning it one day..?

And finally, How many times have you dreamt of living the life of a millionaire?

Yes, I know most of the people don’t even dare to do anything new and just settle ordinary On the other hand, there are some people like you who take a step ahead and fulfill the life they dreamt off.

Are you having No money? There is nothing to worry about..

Many people think that in order to become rich, they need to be the children of most successful people. Or they should have some huge investments that come as a hereditary.

No, You are completely wrong.

Do you know according to a statistic, more than 80% of the billionaires today are self-made? Yes, only the remaining 15-20% come under rich children category.

This means most of the billionaires today in this current world started from zero, just like you.

Although I’m not a billionaire yet, I am the founder of this website which gets more than 100,000 views every month generating more than a 15000$ turnover.

crazyjackz traffic

And do you know I too started with zero in my hands?

So, How is this possible? How did I do it with no money? And what is the answer to many people wondering, How to become Rich with no money?

The Easy way I followed that made me thousands of dollars:

Listen, this is not some kind of a spam article or get rich scheme article. In fact, I wrote this post, just to show a clear way to many ambitious young men/women like you who want to be rich one day.

Earlier days, it used to take years and years and years for a person to become rich. They needed to buy costly machinery, needed investment and require warehouses just to earn those few dollars.

But the time has changed… This is a digital age and literally, you can make thousands of dollars with just a laptop and an internet connection.

Yes… This easy Legitimate way is what we call as “Blogging”

How to become Rich with no money

Although you may have heard briefly what a blog is about, you might not have known the process, how you can do it online. In fact, the truth is, you can simply create a website in 3 steps, write some content and start making money right from the next month.

Know the Biggest Benefits of Blogging –

  • You don’t need investment at all (not more than 3 dollars for hosting)
  • All the money you earn is completely Legitimate.
  • You can grow as big as possible (There are bloggers who even make millions of dollars every month. Just search for richest bloggers on google)
  • The Results are very quick sometimes within a few days

And many more.

So, By now you understand why I have chosen this way to get rich.

So, Just like me..

If you have a deep desire to become a billionaire or at least a millionaire?  If you want to see faster easy results? And most importantly, If you have very less or no money to invest?

Then blogging could be the best ever possible way to become rich and successful..

So.. What is blogging? And How you can earn money from it?

Blogging is nothing but creating a website on your name (or the topic name), and regularly posting content people like. So, as you post more and more good content, your blog gradually gains traction and Google starts sending traffic to your website for free.

You can also simply promote your website on social media platforms like facebook, twitter to get some huge audience to your blog.

AND That’s it..

Once your blog/website starts getting traffic, all you do is simply place ads and affiliate products (Others products for which companies give you money) on your website.


You can relax and work only a few hours a week. On the other hand, see more and more money rolling down into your bank account.

how to get rich on the internet

Although this is not as easy as explained, the procedure is the same. If you truly have a strong ambition.. If you are ready to do a little bit of hardwork.. And If you have a good amount of patience.. Then you can definitely change your life and be a successful blogger.

The Procrastination… Is what you need to overcome..

Most of the people ask me questions like.. How can I start a website on my own? I don’t know how to code, what can I do? I’m not sure whether I can write articles or not etc etc etc.

In fact, most of the bloggers are not coders, and not at all great communicators. All they had is some confidence, a bit of hard-working nature and finally the courage to take a new step in their life. They are non-procrastinators. And this is what made them successful.

Even I was hesitant to start my website on Day 1. If I had procrastinated that day.. I would have been working in a small job still dreaming about riches..

And I have chosen not to procrastinate or delay the decision.. And took a step ahead. And the result is a big business.

It’s your choice Now….

3 Steps You can start your own Blog Today:

If you want don’t want to procrastinate.. ending up sad and unfulfilled. Then here is the way out for you. Today, I’ll show you exactly 3 easy steps to start your own blog. So follow through me and you will take your life-changing first step today.

Step 1: Setting up the Blog Name and its Hosting space

The first thing you need to do is get a hosting space for your website. It is the space provided for you in this big world wide web. Although there are many hosting companies online, I would suggest Bluehost if you are a beginner. This is because they are extremely cheap and provide an easy way to set up a premium blog.

Here is the unique Link for the Bluehost (Register via this Link to get a free domain name and discounted hosting price) – Click Here

bluehost signup process

Now Click the Get Started green button on the landing page. As you are starting as a beginner and you don’t want to get costly, I recommend choosing the basic plan on the next screen.

Step 2: Now it’s time to choose the name for your blog (It can be your name too). Once you decided a name, check for the availability and click on the name you have chosen for your blog.

Now enter all your details and click Submit. Also, it’s your choice whether to add the upgrades or not. Remember the fewer upgrades you add the cheaper your investment will be. Finally, click the submit to see the congratulations screen.

Now create a password and login with the account information provided by Bluehost. Once you log in with these credentials, the Bluehost gives you a choice i.e Either you can set up the website yourself or choose the Bluehost Team to do it.

So just by clicking one button, the Bluehost people will setup everything, do all the installations and provide you the complete website done.

This is the reason why I said Bluehost is the best service for beginners like you who are not technical.

Step 3: Relaxxx… And Plan for your success

How to become Rich with no money? How I made from 0$ to 15000$

The Bluehost people, within 2-4 hours do everything, even install WordPress (which is a simple builder to post and manage your website. In fact, it is as easy as MS powerpoint)

Now all you do is start writing content on your blog and begin your big journey towards your ambitions, wealth and happiness.


How to become Rich with no money? How I made from 0$ to 15000$

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