How Long does it take to Reverse fatty liver? weeks? months or Years?

You never knew what was happening to your liver from all these days..

Suddenly you got the report saying that you have the fatty liver disease.

Although doctor tells that your liver reverses back to a healthy state soon, what you are worried about is the time taken by it..

So, How long does it take to reverse fatty liver? Does your liver ever become healthy again? Can it go away on its own? What should you do?

Knowing deep about Fatty Liver:

As the name suggests “fatty liver disease” is nothing but the excessive fat buildup in one’s liver. In the fatty liver disease, the fat generally tends to deposit in your liver, slowly replacing the healthy liver cells causing a serious liver damage. Although the most common cause of fatty liver is drinking excessive alcohol, the fatty liver disease can affect people who don’t drink also.

how long does it take to reverse fatty liver

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Whatever may be the cause, the fatty liver disease impact your liver so strongly causing a number of serious complications. This includes the development of swelling in the liver, scar tissue on the liver, and sometimes also complete inflammation of the liver.

Time Taken to reverse your fatty liver disease depends on a number of factors which include –

a) The stage of your Fatty liver disease:

Remember, one does not develop fatty liver disease overnight. In general, your liver passes through a number of stages thus finally ending up with complete liver damage.

Thus if you are in the initial stages of your fatty liver disease or if you have developed the fat cells recently, chances are high that your liver recovers quickly. On the other hand, if you didn’t recognize your disease until your liver was severely damaged, then it may take a long time for your liver to recover.

b) The Things you are doing as a part of cure:

Though some diseases go away on their own, unlike them fatty liver disease will not go away on its own. Unless you change your lifestyle completely and stop the fat deposition on your liver, it is often difficult for your liver to recover soon.

how long does it take to heal a fatty liver

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c) The involvement of any complications:

Some may have the fatty liver disease with only just some deposits of fat on their liver. For them, there are more chances of faster recovery. While on the other hand, if the person has some complications like a development of scar tissue or inflammation of the liver, then it’s often difficult to recover.

d) Genetical Reasons:

Recovery from fatty liver disease not only includes getting rid of fat from your liver but also the development of new cells and tissues in your liver. Thus this can sometimes be dependent on the genes of the person, whether he will develop cells quickly or not.

How Long does it take to Reverse fatty liver? How many days approx?

I’ll answer this question based on the grade of your fatty liver disease. A grade is the representation of the stage of your fatty liver disease, generally given by doctors. A doctor tells your fatty liver disease grade generally after doing the ultrasound.

Can you reverse a fatty liver?

Based on the seriousness and development of your disease, you are given one among the 3 grades of fatty liver disease. Grade 1 represents the beginning stage of the fatty liver disease, which gradually progresses to grade 2 after few days.

Finally, a Grade 3 fatty liver is a serious condition of fatty liver disease which says that your liver is completely damaged. A normal person starts off with Grade 1 fatty liver disease, which after few days becomes grade 2 and ends up with grade 3 disease.

Fatty liver disease Grade 1:

As I told, Grade 1 fatty liver disease is the initial stage of the disease, it can be generally reversed within few weeks to months.

On an average, Grade 1 fatty liver disease takes around 2-3 months to heal completely. Remember, your liver can get healthy again only if you are following correct diet and corrective measures.

Fatty liver disease Grade 2:

Grade 2 fatty liver disease, is considered a moderately serious condition and takes more time for reversal when compared to grade 1 fatty liver disease. If you are in grade 2 fatty liver disease, chances are high that you might already suffer some symptoms of the disease and even face slight inflammations.

On an average, grade 2 fatty liver disease take at least 10-20 months to be normal again. That too happens only if you follow very strict measures to cleanse your liver and the fat deposited on it.

Fatty liver disease Grade 3:

This is the final and the serious stage of the fatty liver disease. This happens after years of ignoring and neglecting fatty liver disease. To be frank, it is almost rare to reverse the grade 3 fatty liver disease. Even if it is reversed it may take at least a few to many years.

The Question is still unanswered:

Listen to this true story across forums..

Whilst detoxing, my doctor examined my abdomen and said my liver could be cirrhosis within 12-24 months if I didn’t stop drinking. I then had an ultrasound a month later which showed mild fatty liver and now a month on my liver enzymes are nearly normal. So basically, in the space of 3 months, I’ve gone from having a liver that was borderline cirrhotic to one that is nearly as good as new. Everyone’s different though.source(soberrecovery)

So, in the above case, even though the person has a serious stage of fatty liver disease, he reversed it within 3 months. On the other hand, I have heard stories of people who took more than 1 year, just to recover from grade 1 fatty liver disease.

Thus unlike many other diseases, one cannot perfectly predict the time taken by an individual to cure his/her fatty liver disease. It largely varies from one person to another.

Remember, although if alcohol is completely eliminated and even if you start a healthy diet, the little results you tend to see in the first few weeks is not actually real. Yes, in reality, it is just the stop of symptoms, while clearing off the actual fatty deposits from your liver may take months or even years.

How to Quicken the recovery time for your Fatty liver disease?

Now I am not going to tell those routine things like stop alcohol or eat good food, which you already know.. See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Start Taking a Liver Tonic:

how many days does it take to reverse fatty liver disease

You need to remember that recovery from fatty liver disease not only involves the clean up of fat tissues but also a whole new formation of liver cells. Thus taking a good liver tonic can strongly help in the recovery process of one’s fatty liver disease. So, all you need to do is search for those tonics which contain vitamin B and other antioxidants as they are extremely helpful in the liver recovery process.

2. Apple Cider vinegar:

reversing fatty liver disease in few weeks

The vinegar obtained from Apple, in other words, the ACV is one of the best things that helps clear off the fat on the liver. Moreover, it is also known to flush many toxins present in your liver.

Thus take a few spoons of apple cider vinegar throughout the day whenever possible.

3. Drinking Green Tea:

green tea for fatty liver disease

Green tea is the most ancient tea which has many magical properties that improve the liver function. In addition, it is also known for its high-fat burning ability.

Thus, take a cup of warm water, add a half or one spoon of green tea powder and drink it twice every day.

4. Exercising regularly:

how long does it take to reverse fatty liver grade 1, 2, 3

Although many people ignore this, exercising every day is very much important to people, who suffer from fatty liver disease. You must at least undergo 30 minutes of heavy cardio (includes jogging, cycling, swimming) in order to help burn your fat tissues accumulated on your liver.


How Long does it take to Reverse fatty liver? weeks? months or Years?

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