How Long do ovarian cysts last? Do they go away on their own?

You feel the irritating abdominal pain coming again and again..

Although you know that it is an ovarian cyst causing it.. what you don’t know is..

How long do ovarian cysts last? Do they go away on their own? And also, When can you expect some relief to this disturbing pain affecting you from the last few days?

Coming straight to the point, How long do ovarian cysts last?

An ovarian cyst is nothing but a sac-like structure that is formed in one’s ovary. Though there are a number of symptoms of ovarian cysts, the most common symptom is the pain near the lower abdomen and pelvic area.


how long do ovarian cysts last

So, Now coming to the big confusion..

If you read the websites across the internet, all you find is the same routine stuff. They all say that ovarian cysts go away within few weeks even without treatment. They even bombard that they are very common and you need not worry about them.

Everything is fine if you stop there, but the real confusion starts from here..

Just open a few forums across forums and you will start to see some spine-chilling stories,

I had my cyst for 3 years, but no real pain but had to have ultrasounds every 6 months it was 3.5 cm but never got bigger or smaller. I did not want to be travelling overseas and have it twist my ovary and have to have emergency. Source(

I have had a rt side ovarian cyst for almost a year now.  March it was 2cm, June it was 2.2 cm, beginning of sept it was 3.1cm all shown by TV ultrasound.  sent for MRI at the end of sept and showed cyst being 3.4cm. Source(

Yes, there are thousands of women who are suffering ovarian cysts for years and years together. Moreover, the ultrasound scan is proving that their ovarian cyst size is constantly increasing.

So, what is the full truth? If every website confidently says that ovarian cysts go away within few weeks, why are many women still suffering them for years and years?

The actual truth about How long do ovarian cysts take to go away:

To perfectly trace out how long an ovarian cyst takes to go away, you need to understand what is the type of your ovarian cyst.

Though many websites, doctors don’t tell this, there are basically two types of ovarian cysts.

They are –

1) Simple ovarian cysts and

2) Complex ovarian cysts

1. Simple Ovarian cysts:

These are the common type of cysts that are seen in most of the women. The ovary contains a follicle which holds the egg every month. In general, this follicle releases the egg during ovulation. Now, if your follicle fails to release this egg, this results in the accumulation of fluids inside the follicle sac finally forming a cyst.

how long do ovarian cysts take to go away


These simple cysts are common and are developed due to the normal menstrual cycle. Normally these simple cysts don’t show up symptoms except some mild pain in the abdomen. At times they even go undetected, and you may not even know that you had these simple cysts.

So, Does simple ovarian cysts go away on their own?

The answer is Yes. In most cases, the simple ovarian cysts tend to go away naturally without any treatment. On an average, these cysts go away within 2-3 months naturally through normal menstruation.

2. The complex cysts:

If your cysts stay longer than few months, then it could be completely another type of cyst called the complex cyst. Even though many people don’t discuss this topic, if your ovarian cysts last longer than 6 months, then yours is not a simple cyst but a complex cyst.

It is given the name complex because it needs a serious attention regularly or else it may result in a number of complications.

The complex cysts are no way related to your normal menstrual cycle and are somewhat serious and uncommon (compared to simple cysts).

Another case of complex cysts is a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Image:BruceBlaus via Wikimedia Commons 4.0

pcos and ovarian cysts

The PCOS is a condition in which a number of small cysts are formed in both the ovaries. The problem is that even though they are small, new ones come again and again. This results in a feeling that your ovarian cysts are growing for years together.

So, Does Complex ovarian cysts go away on their own?

In most cases, the complex ovarian cysts don’t go away on their own. They last for months and sometimes even years together. As they normally don’t go away without treatment, you must either follow suitable natural remedies or should undergo a surgery if it is rapidly growing.

3 Things to consider before judging your type of cyst and the days it takes to go away:

a) Causing intense pain doesn’t mean you have a complex ovarian cyst:

This is one of the most common misconceptions about the type of a cyst. Many people think that, since they are having severe pain, their problem could be a complex cyst. But this cannot be always true.

The matter of fact is that even simple ovarian cysts can cause pain which we call the hemorrhagic cysts. Even though these hemorrhagic cysts are simple and will go away naturally, they cause an intense pain due the presence and rupture of blood from the cysts.

b) Regular Examining is the best way:

If you want to know what your type of cyst is? If you want to trace out its seriousness? You need to do one thing.. i.e the regular examining. Yes, regular ultrasound can give you a clear understanding of the size, rate of growth and the type of your cyst.

c) Surgery isn’t done even if you have a complex cyst for years together:

This is another common misconception that many women with ovarian cysts believe. Even if you have a complex ovarian cyst, it doesn’t mean that you need to undergo a surgery to remove your cysts.

Also having ovarian cysts for years together doesn’t mean that you need to undergo a surgery. You need to remember that a surgery is recommended by your doctor only if he feels that your ovarian cyst is rapidly increasing and can cause serious complications.


How Long do ovarian cysts last? Do they go away on their own?

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