Have i fallen out of Love or am i Depressed? 5 Questions to ask yourself

You no longer feel the butterflies in your stomach.

Moreover, you don’t even feel like meeting or texting your partner.

On the other hand, you knew that you are in a depression for the past few days. Immediately, Doubts started coming from nowhere “Have I fallen out of Love or am I Depressed?”

So what is happening? Are you truly falling out of love or are you just depressed? How can you know the truth?

Emotional Signs you are in Depression:

Before reading further I want to clarify, what depression actually means. Many people falsely believe that they are in a depression while it can just be a mood swing.

So, first, you need to find whether you are actually in depression or not

Have i fallen out of Love or am i Depressed

a) You Feel like not to meet anyone:

One of the crucial things about depression is, you completely lose interest in social interactions. You don’t want to hang out even it was your close friend. You feel like not to meet anyone especially, no new people.

b) A low energy, making you sleep all the time:

If you are sleeping excessively that too in odd irregular times, then most probably it could be because of your depression. Depression kills all the hope thus making your energy drain. The result is – you feel like, you have no energy thus making you fall down on the bed.

c) Unable to enjoy anything in life, even the most exciting things:

The happiest things which you use to enjoy previously, are no longer exciting. You somehow tend to lose interest in all activities of your life which includes many important things and previously exciting things. In simple, you feel like giving up everything and every activity in your life.

d) More irritable even for small issues:

Anger is another clear sign that proves your depression. Depression can make you so irritable. Thus you tend to get angry for each and everything, making you feel worse.

Fact #1: Love cannot solve Depression:

Imagine Emily, a woman who is currently in a hard time. She got a lot of problems in life. She was financially struggling. She has no social life. She even has issues with her family members.

Then came John, who made her feel that a new life started. Besides the love of John, all her life problems didn’t matter and made her a happy girl. But as days pass by, the relationship started fading, all her life problems started haunting her again.

falling out of love or are you just depressed?


So What is happening actually?

Many people falsely believe that love is the only solution to their problems. They feel that if they had a partner, they could be happy, even with any number of problems?

But this is wrong. You need to understand that depression and Love are two separate things. If you have depression, love can’t change or solve your life problems, but just mask them for a few days. Once the initial attraction fades out, you tend to feel the depression again. So Never get into a relationship, just because you are depressed.

Fact #2: Depression does impact your Love life:

Although some won’t agree, many pieces of research proved that depression, do affect one’s love life. As I have already told, depression not only kills hope but also make you feel like avoiding social interactions.

depression or losing interest in him?

Thus as a whole, you lose interest in your partner and love life. You don’t see any future and doesn’t feel the love your partner is giving you. In many cases, you don’t even feel excited by the things you do, including the romance. Still doesn’t believe me? Just read the signs of depression I mentioned above.

Now coming to the main point..

“Have I fallen out of Love or am I Depressed?” 5 Questions you need to ask yourself:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. When did the Depression start?

This is one of the important questions you need to ask if you are in the above-said doubt. When did your depression start? If your depression started before the relationship, then chances are high that your partner acted just as a painkiller, and now the initial attraction faded out.

2. What did your imagination say?

This is one of the crucial tests you can do to know whether you are falling out of love or is it just depression. While doing this test, You can also use music(songs) for more concentration.

Close your eyes. Imagine, a couple of months passed by. Now all your problems started fading away and life started blooming like before. You can again feel the new energy vibes passing all your life. Now in this deep imagination, tell me will you continue the relationship or not?

Ask yourself, when you and your partner hook up forever, does it feel a perfect life? Does it feel like the happiest life forever?

If yes, then most probably it could be your depression affecting your love. Contrary, if you are doubtful, then you might be really falling out of love.

3. How long are you having this thought i.e the doubt?

This is another crucial question you need to ask yourself before deciding something. From how long are you having the above doubt of falling out of love?

Is it a few hours? Days? Or Weeks?

In many couples, the doubt of falling out of love is common whenever an argument or disturbance happens. But gradually this gets erased off when things settle off.

So according to a study, if you are having this doubt only from the past few days, most probably it could be your depression. On the other hand, if you are having this doubt for more than two weeks then there is a chance of really losing attraction for your partner.

Have i fallen out of Love or am i Depressed? 5 Questions to ask yourself

4. What are the emotions?

To know some deep facts, you need to clearly analyze your emotions at two main instances of your life..

a) When you decided to enter the relationship:

Tell me, what are your emotions when you decided to enter the relationship? If your emotions are loneliness, stress, and frustration, then most probably it can boil down to the fact 1, I discussed above. Contrary, if your emotions are love, emotional attraction, sexual attraction, then most probably, you really love your partner but you are just depressed now.

b) When the first time the doubt of falling out of love started.

Secondly, what are the emotions or causes that led to this big doubt of falling out of love? Is it anger, jealousy, or some other temporary emotion? Then it could be just a wave of depression and not be falling out of love. While, if this doubt started without any strong reason or just because someone told you, then you truly might be falling out of love.

5. Check this with your best friends:

Friends are the best people who can give some relief in any situation. So, even though you don’t feel like meeting, get up, get ready, and meet a couple or more best friends. After spending time with them, clearly, observe how you feel.

Now, the next day, also meet your partner and spend some time with them, almost similar to that of the previous day. Once you leave, again observe how you feel.

If you are really in depression, you might feel better in both the cases. Also meeting your partner should be more relaxing than your friends. On the other hand, if you are happy meeting your best friends, while continually being depressed meeting your partner, then chances are high that you could be falling out of love with your partner.


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