Freezing fat cells at home with Ice packs? 6 Reasons it’s not at all good

This is the growing trend nowadays.. Freezing fat cells at home with ice packs..

You would have already seen how many people across the internet are posting their stories of losing fat using ice packs.

So is this true? Can you use ice packs at home to kill the fat cells? Is it dangerous or safe to practice this viral natural remedy?

What do freezing fat cells mean And where did it come from?

In order to understand everything, you need to go back to where this idea actually started. The matter of fact is that it started from researchers observing children sucking popsicles.

popsicles and freezing fat cells

Yes, It was observed that children who are eating a lot of popsicles are killing their fat cells across the cheeks and developing dimples. Thus many researchers after observing this, came to a new finding that cold ices can kill fat cells.

Then next came the Coolsculpting:

Right from this discovery, came the medical treatment called cool sculpting. It is a fat loss treatment which kills the fat cells in a particular area using extremely cold temperatures.

coolsculpting and freezing fat cells


These temperatures range even to -5 degrees and thus a very intensive care is taken so that the coolness reaches only the fat cells. Also, a number of precautions and measures are taken such that it does not impact or affect the other areas of the skin.

Finally came the DIY ice packs at home to freeze fat cells..

As the cold methods and cool sculpting started gaining popularity, then came the DIY fat cells freezing. Soon people by listening to the above said scientists discoveries, they started using icepacks for freezing their fat cells.

Freezing fat cells at home with Ice packs

But, the reality is there are a number of side effects using this DIY method of ice packs. Also, there is still no proper proof that using an ice pack at home, reduces fat cells.

6 Reasons You should not use ice packs to freeze fat cells:

Honestly, I have seen all the other websites just bombarding with the greatness of freezing cells at home. Whatever may be the case they include all the good things not at all revealing the real bad effects for that. But we at Crazy Jackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. It Can cause Tissue damage:

Coolsculpting is done under proper monitoring such that the coolness doesn’t affect the skin and other normal cells. In addition, a vacuum is also used in coolsculpting to isolate the area of treatment.

On the other hand, applying ice packs at home is completely unmonitored and thus can damage the tissues present in that area applied.

2. Causes longterm skin sensitivity

Tell me what happens if you apply ice at a particular area for a long time? Slowly you will start losing the sense in that area.

The same happens with using ice packs for freezing fat cells. As you will start to apply the ice packs daily, there are chances that your skin might lose sensitivity in the long run.

4. Possible to develop frostbite:

A frostbite is nothing but the freezing of the skin, tissues and sometimes even the blood vessels. This is one of the most common things that happen to people who apply ice directly to their body. A frostbite can cause a series of painful symptoms and also at times causes permanent damage to the areas impacted.

On the other hand, when undergoing a CoolSculpting treatment, a gel pad is placed over the skin to prevent this frostbite.

5. Can cause discoloration and stains:

Many dermatologists and physicists strongly ask not to use the home ice packs for freezing fat cells. The matter of fact is that these home icepacks instead of killing the fat cells causes damage to the skin.

So when applied, it can many times burn the skin and this causes a prominent discoloration and stains on the surface of your skin.

6. Chance of skin necrosis:

Skin necrosis is nothing but the complete death of the underlying tissues beneath the skin. It causes a dark patch and is a medical condition.

And Yes, it was claimed by many doctors and researchers that using ice packs at home to kill fat cell can cause skin necrosis. The prolonged cool temperature and that too coldness directly touching the skin may lead to the complete death of the skin in that area.

What other websites and many people are not telling:

 The Biggest problem is that many people and websites just read scientists discoveries of ice to kill fat cells. Then finally after reading the cool sculpting technology they simply feel that you can use ice packs at home to reduce fat and kill the fat cells.

What they don’t know or maybe not telling is that using icepacks cause a number of skin and tissue damages. Moreover, you can never compare this to cool sculpting as it is a monitored, perfect method that was even approved by FDA.

freezing fat cells with ice results

So, don’t get into the trap of those fake testimonials of DIY ice packs, all those misguided stuff on the internet and damage your skin permanently.

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