6 Psychological causes why you are feeling Depressed for no reason

I know it is hard to explain..

The feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, not interested to meet/talk to anyone, feeling extremely low, sad, and finally not even interested in life..

Maybe these are some of the emotions you are going through right now..

But, Why is this happening? Almost everything was normal and absolutely fine. There was even no sudden changes or events that happened recently. Then why are you feeling depressed for no reason?

When is a depression triggered actually? The Real psychology behind Depression

why am i feeling depressed for no reason?

In order to understand when a depression is triggered, you need to actually understand the functioning of your sub-conscious mind. Yes, If you observe the functioning of the subconscious mind closely, you’ll understand that depression is nothing but a message from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

In simple, Depression is one’s manifestation of the subconscious mind trying to communicate something. I’m not talking some kind of fantasies here, but this is the real psychology and truth behind the cause of depression.

Whenever you ignore some of the core needs, whenever you try to convince that you don’t need something (even though you want it badly), the subconscious mind resonates back with a direct message. i.e the depression.

In simple, the depression is your subconscious mind’s message to you to do something.

For example, Jack wanted to become rich right from his childhood. Although he dreamt about it, he never did anything for his desire of becoming rich. Finally, he settled down for a small job. A year later Jack was already in a serious depression. He doesn’t know why he is feeling depressed, as nothing changed recently. Yes, Jack’s subconscious mind is reminding him of his deep desire of becoming rich which he was been constantly ignoring for a while.

So, what could be your case? Why are you unknowingly getting depressed? What is your subconscious mind indirectly telling you to do?

6 Psychological causes why you are feeling depressed for no reason:

wake up feeling depressed for no reason

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. When you lack people who share intimacy:

For many people, this is one of the common causes of depression. It’s the lack of intimacy. Many people believe that they have a lot of good friends and family to share everything. Thus they unconsciously ignore this need of sharing intimacy and end up getting depressed and feeling lonely.

Here, you need to understand that having people is completely different from having intimate people. You may have tons of friends, while you may still feel the lack if you don’t have that much-needed intimacy with them. As many people simply count on their number of friends, they never tend to know that it is the lack of intimacy that is causing their depression.

2. When you somehow felt that others are enjoying their life:

Although people claim that they are not at all jealous, everyone will surely get affected if they see people around them enjoying their lives. So, what do you think of the people around you? especially those people you know, your friends, and acquaintances? Do you think they are better than you? Do you beleive that they are enjoying their lives unlike you?

Then this could be the hidden cause of why you are feeling depressed without even knowing. Remember sometimes the trigger can be anything varying from a phone call from your happy family friend to even a simple Instagram post about your successful ex.

3. When you are constantly ignoring your goals and desires:

As I have already told, depression is the manifestation of your subconscious mind against your ignored needs. So ask yourself, whether you are unknowingly ignoring your goals? Have you desired something and ignored them just because you can’t get it? Did you want to do something, but ignored it just because you failed?

If yes, then your ignored goal can be the hidden psychological cause behind your serious depression and sadness.

4. When something triggered your past wounds:

As life goes on, incidents of bad memories start hitting our life. Although we think that we have recovered from those memories, in reality, it is not actually true. Some wounds take time to heal and as long as the wound is not healed, negative emotions get triggers whenever you remember them.

For example, Imagine you had a serious breakup with your partner. You cried for many days and then moved on with life. Although you may beleive that you have moved on, many times, you may get triggered by these bad memories and eventually get depressed.

So, if you are feeling low and depressed for no reason, just think for a second, whether it is just because of the triggered bad memories that happened in your life.

5. When you are constantly working even though you are not interested:

We are not machines but humans who have emotions and feelings. So, you cannot force yourself to work like a machine without feelings. So, tell me are you constantly doing work even though you are not interested in it? Are you feeling the lack of energy or desire or love to do your work? Are you truly hating the environment and job you are doing?

Then this could be the main cause of your depression. I do agree that many people do jobs they don’t like, and maybe that’s the reason there are millions of depression cases attending doctors every day.

6. Finally when you are not heading towards what you have planned:

Last but not the least, your life journey. People do get depressed when they are not heading towards what they have planned. You need to understand that this can be any plan varying from a plan for your promotion to a vacation plan with your friends.

Whenever you plan for something you are subconsciously trying to meet some of your needs/desires. So, when that plan gets disrupted or when you are not properly heading towards what you have planned, you are sure to see signs of depression as your desires are going to ruins.

Want to dig deeper? Try this imagination technique:

what to do if i am feeling depressed and i don't know why?

I do understand that the subconscious mind is not a simple thing or you can’t simply understand its signals by this one article. So, in order to know what your subconscious mind is saying to you.. In order to understand the need/desire which you have ignored (that is causing you the depression), you can try out this powerful imagination technique.

1. Close your eyes and plug in your earphones with a soothing song you like.

2. Now, imagine with the passing wind, God appeared before you and gave you one big wish. So, you got one wish. Maybe all you wish is a life of your dreams. So, what is your “life of dreams”? What all do you want that make your life feel like the best?

3. One by one start imagining the wish list you always wanted that can literally make you feel like you have the best life. Now carefully list all these wish lists of things, people, desires, needs, luxuries and everything you imagined in a paper. Try to include everything including the minute details.

4. Slowly things start getting clear when you start striking off those (things) which you already have. In fact, this is when you are finally left with those list of your ignored desires (that your subconscious mind is telling you about). Yes, the ignored desires which are unknowingly making you feel depressed for no reason.

5. And Yes, your subconscious mind is strictly sending depression as a message to do something, to fulfill one of these unstricken desires.

So, if possible start planning for those ignored desires and goals you had on that list right now. You don’t beleive me, within seconds, you will magically see yourself recovering from the deep depression that is haunting you.


6 Psychological causes why you are feeling Depressed for no reason

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